We spoke to midfielder Josh Vela following our win against Kendal Town on Tuesday night.

“It's all about just getting minutes in the lads' legs, obviously, the first couple of weeks.

“New players getting involved in 45-minute stints, so it was a good test as well.”

As for his thoughts on the clash, he said: “They're difficult these games, as you come here and obviously it's their cup final, really, so we're just getting into pre-season and it's just about getting minutes. 

“Tough game, but we've come out with a clean sheet and a win again.”

Talking on the hosts’ efforts, Vela added: “They gave it a good go. They've got some good players, so yes, it was a good test for us and a good little session to get 45 minutes in our legs.”

We then switched to discussing pre-season in general so far, Josh said: “It's been really good, obviously, new players coming in, we’ve signed some really good players, so I'm looking forward to the season.”

On those new signings and playing with fresh faces, he explained: “It's all about making relationships with new players and obviously different midfield partners, and with big Chaz (Charlie Wyke) up front, it's good to get a relationship with him for the season going forward”

At the back end of last season, Josh picked up an injury, we asked him about that and how he’s feeling now: “It was frustrating. I came and got injured and it was quite a tough injury to get back from, but I'm back fully fit now and hopefully I can stay fit for the season”

The focus of our chat then shifted to Saturday’s game, Josh had the following to say: “It'll be another good test, another good test to get minutes in. It's all about getting minutes out there and time in the legs and, like you say, building relationships with each other, so I look forward to that again.”

Speaking on our new 2024/25 away shirt, the midfielder said: “I like it, I think it's a nice kit. I probably prefer it to the home one to be fair, but yes, it's a nice kit.”

On Tuesday evening, there were over 600 supporters in attendance in Kendal.

“Brilliant turnout again, obviously a well-supported club, Carlisle, and they've travelled in the numbers and fair play to them again. Hopefully they can do that again on Saturday.”

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