Andrew Jenkins was part of Carlisle United for over 60 years, so it was no surprise to be inundated with tributes when we asked current and former staff, managers and players for their thoughts on ‘Mr Carlisle United’ after the devastating news of his passing on Wednesday. 

Tom and Patty Piatak said: “Andrew’s lifelong dedication to Carlisle United was extraordinary, and his leadership and vision were instrumental in shaping the club’s history. 

“Naming him Chairman Emeritus last year was a testament to his invaluable contributions. His legacy will forever be a part of Carlisle United, and he will be deeply missed by all. 

“On behalf of the entire Piatak family, our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends during this difficult time.”

Paul Simpson said: “What an incredibly sad day for Carlisle United Football Club. Andrew spent his whole life devoted to our Blues. 

“Without the Chairman’s dedication and loyalty, I’m not sure we would still be here as a football club. 

“I’m sure he will rest in peace knowing that he has handed over the reins to a family who are equally as passionate about bringing success to Carlisle United as he was. 

“He will be missed by us all and our thoughts go to Diane and the rest of the family.”

Nigel Clibbens said: “It is hard to imagine Carlisle United without Andrew being here. He was such a special man. 

“His dedication, service and support to the club and its staff and players over many generations is remarkable across the history of English football.

“The club was a huge part of his whole life and his love and enthusiasm never wavered. I spoke to him on Monday and he was as excited as ever for next season - we were talking about us signing Charlie Wyke. 

“He will be missed so much, by all of us.”

John Nixon said: “Words will fall short of my thoughts about Andrew, but after 20 years of being part of every major decision about Carlisle United with him I knew his inner commitment to the club. 

“He was blue through and through and we attended hundreds of matches together. No matter the result, if we won he was elated, if we drew he thought we were unlucky, if we lost he still thought we were unlucky and that the opposition had the “rub of the green” and got some dubious decisions from the officials! 

“He never criticised his team but supported them with enthusiasm and passion and a commitment which will never be surpassed - in a word he was legendary.

“I’ll not forget his countless stories on away days of where the team stayed at hotels, where they stopped for fish and chips and yes…. the references that Bob Stoke had the old First Division team training on the car park! The stories we recounted each season will live forever.

“I have received countless messages from the EFL family in the last 24 hours which is a tribute to the man and his standing in the game. 

“Margaret’s and my thoughts are with Diane and the family at this sad time.” 

Steven Pattison said: “There is only one word to describe Andrew – legend.” 

David Dent said: “Andrew and I shared a friendship going back more than 64 years. When it started, he was the junior director at Brunton park and I was the recently appointed club secretary. We formed a bond that was never broken. 

“Apart from his family and business, his lifelong passion was Carlisle United. His contribution to the wellbeing of the club over all those years was inestimable. 

“In the history of the football league it is unlikely there will ever have been a club director with longer service. 

“He was a man of great integrity and loyalty. He kept in contact with many of the clubs’ former managers and players, and loved nothing more than reminiscing about the good times and the not so good times. 

“His proudest moment was seeing his beloved club get into the top flight of English football in 1974 and being at the top of the league after the first three matches. 

“A real gentleman who had time for everyone who will be missed greatly.” 

David Clark said: "Having served under Andrew at Carlisle United for 25 years, I came to know him well. He was kind and generous and treated everyone as an equal. 

“His generosity in bank-rolling the club when times were dire was legendary. Without him the club would not have survived. 

“He simply loved his football club. There will never be another Andrew Jenkins. He was truly 'Mr Carlisle United’.” 

Billy Atkinson said: "I was deeply saddened to learn of Andrew’s passing. Over the sixty years that I have supported the club, Andrew has always played a prominent role within Carlisle United. 

"Whether it was as Chairman, Owner, Director or just as a fan, Andrew wanted the best for Carlisle United and was a fiercely loyal supporter.

"On many occasions, Andrew kept the club going. He was the difference between us having a club to support and not.

"Two of the proudest moments in my life were when Andrew asked me to join the Holdings Board and when I sat on the table next to Andrew and his family in the Royal Box at Wembley last year. To see close up the pride and enthusiasm he had for the club, the players, staff and fans was a joy to watch, even after those sixty odd years it was still so special to him.

"Andrew was an absolute gentleman, there are no amount of words that can truly define Andrew’s service to Carlisle United. Everyone at CUOSC’s thoughts and condolences are with Diane and her family at this very difficult time. RIP Andrew." 

Tom and Alice Piatak said: “We wish we had more to say and got to spend more time with him, but in every interaction we had, Andrew was always a top gentleman.

“The main thing which was clear from your conversations with him was that he loved his family, the city, and Carlisle United. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.”

Jenna and Nick DeMasi said: “Mr. Jenkins lived a life that was full. He was not only an exemplary representative of Carlisle United, he was a true fan of the club through and through. 

“Getting to know him over the last few months, we were fortunate enough to hear countless stories about the history of the club, his business, and his family who he was so proud of. 

“Andrew Jenkins truly was Mr. Carlisle United and his legacy will last the test of time. We both offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the city of Carlisle. May he rest in peace.”

Greg Abbott said: “Andrew had such a massive influence on Carlisle United in so many ways.

“A man who was so loyal, supportive and honest in all my time at the club. He showed his true colours when we needed him most. 

“I’m going to miss the Bob Stokoe stories Mr Chairman. All my thoughts to Diane and the family. Thanks for everything.” 

Gavin Skelton said: “The Chairman was a very loyal and supportive man. When times were difficult you would hear from him and see him offering support. 

“I don’t think anyone apart from his close family will totally understand what he did and scarified for the club. RIP.”

Suzanne Kidd said: “Andrew has been a constant through my time at the club. There is nobody more knowledgeable about Carlisle United than he was. 

“He had a huge emotional connection to the club which was evident when listening to him talk about the club, we will all miss his stories and memories of the highs and lows of his lifetime of supporting CUFC. 

“He will leave a legacy of devotion and dedication that will be impossible to replace.” 

Sarah McKnight said: “Having worked at the club with Andrew for 30 years, matchdays will never be the same.  

“Andrew was Mr Carlisle United through and through and will be hugely missed by everyone associated with the club whether past or present.  

“The number of former players and staff making tributes to Andrew shows how highly he was thought of. The football world has lost one of the best, but we will always be grateful for everything he has done for Carlisle United.  Rest in peace Andrew.” 

Aaron Hayden said: “I’m saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Jenkins and my condolences go out to his family and loved ones at this time. 

“He was a man of true influence and always had a smile on his face and time for a chat. I was honoured and grateful that I had the opportunity to represent him and this club during my first spell here. 

“Now more than ever it’s important to honour his passing by giving 110% effort this season so we can do him proud. Rest in peace Andrew and thank you.”

Paul Huntington said: “Andrew was a true gentleman who was respected by all, he was Carlisle United.

“He always had time for a chat, and he said on the bus to Wembley how much it would mean to him and his family if we got promoted.

“It’s a sad time for everyone associated with the football club but his legacy will live on. My thoughts are with the Jenkins family. RIP Chairman.” 

Danny Grainger said: “Mr Chairman was one of the kindest and nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting through football. 

“He would never walk past anyone in the corridor without stopping for a quick chat, a catch up or just to see how the family was keeping. 

“His love for Carlisle United was clear through every conversation you had with him and he had so many special memories. 

“A true Carlisle United legend who will be dearly missed by anyone who was lucky enough to share his company. 

“My thoughts go out to Diane and all the family going through this tough time.” 

Paul Thirlwell said: “It was so sad to hear the news about the Chairman. He was a fantastic man who made me so welcome from the minute I arrived at the club until the minute I left. 

“He had dedicated his life to supporting Carlisle United and the people within it through the good times and the bad. Love to his family and friends at this difficult time.”

Peter Murphy said: “From the bottom of my families hearts we would like to thank Andrew, Diane and his family for Carlisle United. 

“The club is still a huge part of our families lives, Andrew was the figurehead of an era. Going down in history as its saviour many times and the definition of a true fan. 

“His selfless service and devotion to his family and club was exemplary. For not only his personal wealth used to help the club through some very tough periods, but the recent resurrection of the team, being instrumental in bringing Paul Simpson back to the club and enjoying Wembley success. Andrew has left this world a saint with the prospect of more success in bringing in new dedicated owners. 

“Andrew was a gentleman who always had time for everyone and loved to be a part of the team travelling away to every game and chuckling along the way. Memories that will last forever. We would like pass on our best wishes to Diane, David, Graham and family. There should be a Memorial Day every season for Andrew to honour him.”

Fred Story said: “Andrew will always be the club’s greatest servant and supporter.

“Working with him was always a pleasure and his affection for the club rubbed off onto all around him.

“The clubs’ prospects under its new owners are so exciting but Carlisle United will never be the same again without Andrew.”

Keith Curle said: “Andrew was a true footballing gentleman who I had the pleasure of representing as his manager. 

“We spent many a journey travelling to away games and his passion, enthusiasm and love for the club and the game shone through which made each and every mile travelled pass by effortlessly. 

“As a Chairman he understood the challenges that each of his managers faced and he was always there for support, opinions, advice and encouragement. He was a man’s man and a footballing gentleman who will be missed.” 

Mick Wadsworth said: “Going back to my time with The FA in the 80s, and throughout the many years thereafter, Andrew was the one person with the club's welfare and reputation at heart. 

“He will be sorely missed by all, particularly his family. CUFC has lost its biggest fan and benefactor, and he stood for all that is good in the game.” 

Les O’Neill said: “I first met him when I first signed, and he was a young man to be a director. He wasn’t much older than us as players, and he wanted to talk to us and get to know us.  

“If we didn't have a midweek game we all used to go out on a Tuesday night, our wives and girlfriends would do the same on a Thursday which created an unbelievable spirit. 

“Andrew was a massive part of that, and I was privileged to be able to call him a friend. He was the greatest Chairman, but above that, he was the greatest supporter the club has ever had.

“My thoughts are with Diane and all of the family.”

John Halpin said: “Mr Jenkins’ love for Carlisle United shone through whenever you were in his company. 

“He supported me in so many ways both professionally and personally in my years at the club Community Trust. 

“Andrew was very unassuming, always happy for others to take the limelight. A true gentleman who will be missed by everyone at CUFC.” 

James Tose said: “Andrew was a tremendous servant to Carlisle United Football Club and a big supporter of the club’s community work. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.” 

Eric Kinder said: “When I came to the club in 2006, most people told me what they expected from the youth team, but the Chairman wished me the best and said if I needed anything to go and see him. 

“He always had time for you, and every time I went to see him he told me a story about the years gone by, he loved it.

“I have got to know him on a personal level over the last few years and class him has a friend, he is one of the finest people I’ve ever met, he will be a massive loss to everyone who met him. RIP Chairman.” 

Neil Dalton said: “Since signing as a schoolboy in 1986 then working full time from 1992, the Chairman has been a constant through my life. 

“He was Carlisle through and through and a gentleman also. He was always available for advice and great conversations about football for the many hours we sat on buses up and down the country. 

“He will be a great miss to everyone who knew him and thousands of fans knowing him as Mr Carlisle. As legends go, he was and is the biggest of them all. RIP Mr Chairman.”

Adam Collin said: “I was so very sad to hear the news of Mr Chairman's passing. He is a man who has done so much for one club and the community!

“I had the pleasure to know him on a personal level and to work for him and the club for six seasons over two spells and unlike most chairmen and owners, he was very humble, kind and friendly and would always take time to speak to you. His love for the club was infectious!

“One thing that stood out to me was the way he used to travel on the team coach to away matches, even if we were staying overnight, he loved to be part of it, and he would never say a bad word on the bus to anyone, even if we had lost and been shocking, it was always just onto the next game with a positive outlook.

“To see one man stick with one club through the ups, the downs and the ups again is quite remarkable and something I have never witnessed before in this game. 

“He will be hugely missed around the club and city but never forgotten, he is an amazing man with an unbelievable legacy.”

Chris Lumsdon said: “My ultimate memory of Andrew is the photo being used of him with the League Two trophy. 

“On the way back from Stockport that day I used to go and sit with Bus Head whilst he drove, and Andrew was close by as always. I asked him how he felt and he replied, ‘this is my favourite season’.

“Whenever we walked off the pitch after a win at home, you’d always see him up in the stand smiling. He’ll be missed.” 

Colin Nixon said: “I have known Andrew as a friend for the last 15 years or so during my time at Carlisle United.

“He was the most kind, generous and warm person I have ever known. He always gave me his total support which I will never forget. His passing has left a total void in everyone’s life that knew him.

“I will never forget the great times and laughs we had together over a drink or two at the team hotel on Friday evenings.

“I am filled with immense sorrow at his passing but draw comfort from the friendship and the time I spent in his company. RIP Andrew.” 

Matt Glennon said: “I first met Andrew when I came on loan from Bolton in 2001, it was a tough time in the club’s history but he always managed to have a smile on his face when we chatted about the games and the upcoming trips.

“When I returned permanently with club in a better place we shared some great times and successes which I know meant the world to him. It was great to share those moments with a man who was so passionate about a great club which is close to all our hearts.” 

Paul Conway said: “The Chairman was the embodiment of Carlisle United and a true gentleman. I fondly remember the lifts home he provided me after away matches and his passion for the club. 

“Despite his professional success, he remained a humble and considerate man, who always took a genuine interest in everyone he encountered.  May he rest in peace and never be forgotten.” 

David Raven said: “I’m really sorry to hear of the huge loss for both family and club. 

“He was a gentleman and one of the friendliest Chairman I’ve had the pleasure to work for. 

“He was approachable and always had time for us as players, he’ll be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.”

Andy Preece said: “I built a close relationship with Andrew in the short period I was at the club 

“When I left, he sent me a lovely letter thanking me for everything I had done for the club. I still have the letter. Not many people in football find the time to do such a nice thing and that tells you a lot about Andrew.” 

Danny Livesey said: “The one thing I remember about the Chairman was when you lost a game he always had an encouraging word to say that picked you up. 

“He was one of life's truly great people and he will be a massive loss to the club.” 

Kevin Henderson said: “In football you come across many different types of people, some good, some not so. Andrew was a diamond of a man. 

“I had the absolute pleasure of playing for Carlisle in my career. During my time there I met Andrew and every single time you saw him he made time to talk to you. You felt he appreciated you just being there. 

“He was an absolute gentleman in every way. He was Mr Carlisle United. A man that will not and could not ever be replaced. RIP Andrew.” 

Andy Horn said: “It was a pleasure to work at the club when Andrew was our Chairman, he would always sit on the same seat on the coach for our away trips and if anyone attempted to sit there they were politely reminded, that’s the Chairman’s seat! It will be a hard seat to fill! 

“Andrew was always polite and helpful and will be a great miss around the club. My condolences to all his family.”

Ian Arnold said: “This is a very sad day in CUFC’s history. Andrew was always a gentleman with everyone and will be a huge miss at the club. Thoughts with all the family.” 

Danny Graham said: “I’d like to pass on my condolences to Andrew’s family. He was an incredible man who was always at the front of the bus! We had two fantastic seasons together getting to the League One playoffs, he is a true Carlisle United legend. RIP.”

Karl Hawley said: “Firstly I pass on my condolences to his family and friends for their loss.

“During my time at Carlisle I could tell that he had so much love and passion for Carlisle United and only wanted the best for the club and fans.

“He always made me feel welcome from the beginning and whenever I saw him after my time at Carlisle he was exactly the same towards me. He will be missed.”

Keiren Westwood said: “Mr Jenkins was an absolute gentleman and his dedication to the football club was phenomenal. A true Carlisle hero. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this really sad time.”

Kevin Gray said: “What a great man, it was a great please to have known him. Thoughts and my condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed at the football club. He was liked by everyone during the time I spent there. Top man.”

Tom Cowan said: “Andrew he helped me when I needed help. He was a visionary leader, a guiding light whose wisdom and integrity shaped our future as a football club. He will be forever remembered, forever respected and forever Carlisle United.”

Simon Hackney said: "Mr Jenkins was always a pleasant and kind man whilst I was at the club, even when I was revisiting he always smiled, shook my hand and asked how I was doing, I'll always remember him for that."

Rory Delap said: "He was a father figure for everyone at the club before during and after my time there. 

"He always had a smile on his face and a bit of advice for you when you needed it. I can’t remember being at a game and him not being there.

"He was always consistent through the good times and the bad times but I have no doubt there wouldn’t be a Carlisle United if it wasn’t for him! RIP Chairman." 

Click HERE to view an online book of condolence where fans can leave messages. 

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