After penning a two-year deal at Brunton Park, we spoke to defender Archie Davies.

“I'm obviously really happy to get it over the line.

“I think it maybe took a couple more weeks than everyone would have liked, but I’m here now, obviously, overlooking the pitch, it looks in great nick and I'm really looking forward to getting to play on it.”

Speaking on his career so far, Archie said: “I started as a kid at Brighton, obviously worked my way through there.

“I had a couple of years at Crawley in the Football League, and then a short spell at Aldershot before I decided to go over to Ireland, where I've been for the last 18 months. 

“I really enjoyed my time there. It was a good move for me and it obviously worked out in the end because I've done well enough to earn myself a move here.

“So, yeah, I'm really happy.”

Touching on his spell in Ireland in further detail, he stated: “Obviously, it was maybe a different route than I would have expected to take, but no, I was obviously really happy with it.

“It got me out of my comfort zone a bit. I was living a long way from home and living with teammates there or whatnot, but I felt really welcomed there. I thoroughly enjoyed my 18 months or so there, but yeah, I'm here now and I'm looking forward to this.”

“I like to get forward. I mean, both sides of the game, really, but I think my real strengths lie in attack.

“Like I said, lots of energy, lots of pace, and I like to think that I've got good delivery in wide areas also.”

When asked what his talks with the manager and owners were like, Davies said: “Yeah, obviously, a bit weird. They're in season there at the moment, so it was a challenge in itself, trying to focus on my performances there, but yeah, obviously, I didn't really speak to the gaffer here until it was all agreed, because that's fair enough as well. I didn't want to step on any toes or anything, but yeah, obviously, when it was all agreed, the gaffer rang me up straight away and I had a good chat with him, and yeah, I'm looking forward to working under him now.”

We then went on to ask what made this the correct move for him.

“I think just, obviously, the size of the club.

“The stadium's massive. I've been here as a player before on the other side. I'm looking forward to having the fans on my side this time.

“I think you just look at the stuff going on around the club. Obviously, there's a lot of excitement, and I think the recruitment so far this season's looked very positive, and hopefully, I can add to that and add a bit of quality to the team as well.

“It's an exciting project. I mean, obviously, it was a tough season last season, but there's a strong aspiration to now get out of this league again and push on, and hopefully, we'll be there or thereabouts come the end of the season.”

It’s been made clear by both the manager and owners that promotion is the aim for the 2024/25 campaign.

“It's an exciting target for anyone, and it's just working hard every day to achieve that little by little, game by game.”

Archie joins United having already featured for Dundalk on 22 occasions this term. This adds a different dynamic for the full-back when joining us for pre-season - due to him already being fully match fit.

“The positive is I'm fit. I'm ready to go. Hopefully, it gets me out of one or two pre-season runs, I'm hoping.

“But yes, look, I've been fit since my season started in February. I'm ready, I'll be up and down from the get-go. So, yes, looking forward to it.”

“There’s one or two familiar faces, which is always nice, despite it being a long way from home for me. But yes, it's always a little bit more comfortable knowing at least one or two, but I'm sure as days and weeks go by, I'll form some relationships on and off the pitch.

“I played with Ben Barclay during my time at Brighton. Obviously, I know Georgie Kelly who used to play for Dundalk, and a few of the lads there spoke to me about him. Adam, one of the S&C coaches I worked with at Aldershot as well.

“So, yes, like I said, it's nice to have even one or two familiar faces around.”

Finally, the right-back had the following message for United’s supporters.

“Just really looking forward to it and hopefully I can provide some good moments that will get you off your seats. Maybe I'll add one or two goals to my game, I'm hoping. If not, I'll be crossing the ball, I'll be running up and down.

“I'm looking forward to it.”

Archie will wear squad number 2.

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