We spoke to manager Paul Simpson after tonight’s friendly against Penrith. 

Starting with the devastating news that Chairman Emeritus Andrew Jenkins passed away on Wednesday, the manager said: “It's an incredibly sad week for the football club. The man was just Carlisle United, wasn't he? You know, he's a top, top fella.

“I had so much time for him, and the thoughts are just with Diane and the families now. It was such a shock to hear the news because there's loads going on at the football club and on Tuesday, in the leadership call that we were having, we were actually discussing where he's going to sit in his old area. We'd moved his seats along because that's now going to become the filming and the press box area. But because of the chairman, Tom and Patty had made provisions for that and they'd moved him two seats across to the side so he could still be in there. 

“To get that news the next day was just so upsetting for everybody. I honestly don't think Carlisle United would have been here if it wasn't for him.

“He was just a top, top guy and he'll be really missed by everybody.”

On the performance against Penrith, he said: “They players have been top class from the first day back in, to be honest with you. The way they've gone about their business, the levels, the standards have gone up another level.

“I know it's only training and I know it's only pre-season, but you do have a concern about how they're going to come in after what went on last season. The new players who've come in, they've just brought a freshness to it, and I thought the way they went about it tonight was thoroughly professional from everybody.

“I was really impressed with the way the young lads went about it as well. They’ve all applied themselves really well. It was a good workout.”

Striker Charlie Wyke had to be replaced by Sam Hetherington in the first half: “Charlie got smashed on his shin,” he continued. “Ethan Robson was tripped because he'd gone past his man and he's got a little bit of a whack on his ankle. Butts got done down the back of his Achilles with another silly challenge.

“Those things are disappointing. You know, these games are here to try and get the players fit and also to try and generate some money for Penrith. We don't need to be picking up injuries. Hopefully, they're not too bad and hopefully they'll come through okay.

“It was all about getting them 45 minutes tonight and everybody got that barring Charlie, who we took off early just as a bit of a precaution because he had the kick on his ankle, and then he got a smack in the face as well.

“But as I say, I'm hoping he's going to be okay come Monday.

“Georgie felt his calf during the off-season programme so we're just handling him with a bit of caution, really. He's actually back out on the grass running and he's probably going to get dropped into some football sessions next week.

“Jack Ellis just felt a little bit of soreness. Not an injury, we feel it was just a bit of fatigue and because of his recent history, we're not prepared to take any chances with that so we've left him out of it tonight. 

“Anton twisted his ankle on Tuesday in training and he's in a boot. He’s probably going to be out for about four weeks. It’s just an unfortunate injury. 

“Callum Guy has had a week at St George's as part of his rehab and Jack Robinson's coming on really well with his rehabilitation. We've just got to make sure we keep nursing them through and make sure they're all okay.”

Jack Armer and Alfie McCalmont were also missing from tonight’s squad: “There isn’t much we can say about those at the moment. There is the potential that they're going to leave the club. But at this moment, it hasn't happened so we're just going to wait and see.

“I would like to think over the next 24, 48 hours, maybe Monday, we should be able to say. But they weren't involved because there's a potential that they are leaving. 

“We're close on another one coming in and hopefully early next week we should have one in if everything goes to plan. We've just got to wait and see.” 

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