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MANAGER: There are so many players in this situation

Chris Beech on free agents and Nathan Thomas

20 October 2020

The transfer window may be closed but, of course, free agents can still be recruited but manager Chris Beech insisted that any move of that kind must be right for the club, rather than a case of adding to the rans just for the sake of it.

Club News

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“There are so many lads in that situation and I feel sorry for players,” he told us. “Having said that, there are some who haven’t committed at the points they should possibly do early on, but it’s a hard balancing act when you’re used to getting what you get, doing what you do, and at the level you do it.

“Suddenly it’s not there at clubs. The Colchester team were the first team to do it last season. I was speaking to Frank Nouble, I speak to players like that, but it’s hard to get them to meet your financial structure.

“As time goes on, we miss out on players but then we had good conversations, me and David, we just wanted players that would commit early, want to grow their careers and represent the community as they are.”

“If we do look at that option it’s vital that the players are match fit, which is difficult for them,” he added. “We’re a couple of weeks off November and these lads haven’t played since March.

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“It’s alright doing your running and gym work, it’s so different to playing, ask our players how it took them three to four games to feel the way they’re feeling now, to how it was when we first got back. You’ve got to play, and they’re not.

“It’s a big gamble, because it can make you injury prone. They’re not in rhythm, but if some become available that fit our profile I’m sure David will help support me on it.”

One player who is without a club and who is well know to United fans is Nathan Thomas, who enjoyed his time with the Blues last season.

“You speak with these players at the start of lockdown,” the manager said. “Nathan, I have so much respect for him. He got seven goals and four assists in 22 games and scored his first hattrick in the league when he was playing for me.

“Of course I know what he’s very good at and what he can do, along with other players who have been mentioned. They’re good players. But when we get to a point in time of what’s happening, and we find that what they originally want to dois beyond our finance structure, as times goes on, we’ve already recruited.

“And it’s difficult now. But Nathan’s attributes, skill, left foot like a rocket, can take players on, they’re good attributes. You always hear me telling my forward players to take people on, that’s what I want to see. Who knows. But these things somehow balance out in time.”

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