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MANAGER: Everybody has to earn their stripes

Chris Beech on competition, creating chances and confidence

24 October 2020

Club News

MANAGER: Everybody has to earn their stripes

Chris Beech on competition, creating chances and confidence

24 October 2020

Following another strong performance on Tuesday night manager Chris Beech spoke again ahead of today’s visit to Grimsby about the glut of goals that could be heading our way if the chances created are taken.

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23 October 2020

“It’s good that we’re playing the way we are,” he said. “I think if we weren’t creating the chances it would be a concern.

“The fact we are, I can see us having a very productive day on a matchday if we get that right. They are quality chances that are available to take advantage of. If we keep doing what we’re doing, keep going, it will come for us.

“We’re getting balls into the box and we’re creating strong attacking situations. We need goals from all parts. I think that’s coming because we have players who really want to do well.

“It was great to see the players after the game because it really felt like a defeat, which is very encouraging. I get home and think about that and it tells me, yeah, the boys are obviously hungry and ambitious.”

“Some of the chances are coming from really good passages of play,” he told us. “We’re getting support from midfield as well. Jon Mellish has backed that up with his goals, and others will help along the way.

“I don’t want to be deemed as anything in terms of how we play because we somehow have to have the answer for everything we face, whoever we’re playing. Different opponents bring different challenges and we have to be ready for that.

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23 October 2020

“We’ve got to keep the good traits high because scoring goals and keeping goals out of your goal are the two things of value in this game, irrelevant of how you’ve played. We want to try and dominate our opponents with the ball and we want to try to get it back as fast as possible.

“That’s just a psychology, it’s not really a style of play, it’s what I want my team to do. The body only ever follows the brain so if the brain is saying it, the body will only ever follow.

“We’re seeing players give everything. Take Gav [Reilly], he’s so technical in everything he does. His warm-ups, pre-match, eats at certain times, very particular.

“I think once he gets off the mark he can end up scoring us a few goals. Lewis Alessandra’s working hard and he’s just an intelligent footballer. He was significant to help us avoid being a non-league team last season, and now he’s in full-flow.

“He’s adaptable. Not just a front three, but the ability to use Lewi as a deep-lying attacking midfield player, a wide striker, a striker, a number 10. If you noticed, Oldham changed shape after 20-25 minutes due to the pressure we were putting them under.

“Because we’re quite adaptable, it allows us to make sure their change of shape doesn’t mean they ever have an anchor in the game, we can adapt to that and try and carry on as we were. It was just unfortunate we didn’t score.”

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29 October 2020

And the signs of significant improvement are there for all to see, but the manager still insists there’s more to come.

“Look, I think there’s miles more to come,” he said. “I know Nick [Anderton] looks like he’s 48 but he’s only mid-20s. George Tanner, Aaron Hayden, these lads are young.

“Rod McDonald is only 28, Callum Guy is 23, and Joe Riley is the same age and he hasn’t played football for over 12 months because of a knee injury. Fair play to him for the contract he’s signed because he’s come here for opportunity and not for finance.

“He’s making this his opportunity and he was cover really as full-back for George, but we’ve talked about him playing different positions. It’s that sort of energy all of the lads are bringing to the table.

“Josh Kayode is doing well but he’s got so much to learn, and that’s great for us. It’s the footsteps for Gime Toure in the football league, he’s never done this before, so it’s growing and that’s why I think there’s so much more to come, especially when we get the other injured lads back.”

“And then Micah Obiero has come in to join us as well,” he concluded. “Everybody’s got to earn their stripes to get on this pitch and in this team, 100 per cent.

“It’s great he’s here and it covers us for Ethan. Ethan was disappointed he didn’t get on the scoresheet at Scunthorpe, he made good impact and inroads in his first opportunity in men’s football and it’s the same for Micah.

“I know the staff for Huddersfield, Danny Schofield who I used to play with is part of their academy and development of players, he’s assured me he has great attributes and thinks he’s ready.

“It will be interesting to see how he goes. But just because he’s from Huddersfield doesn’t mean he’s going to play instead of Joshua Kayode. He’s going to have to make sure he’s making that impression.”

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