MANAGER: It's mad how these things happen

Defender Rhys Bennett picked up the InvestAcc man-of-the-match award on Sunday, following a strong performance at the heart of the defence, and manager Chris Beech spoke after the game about the importance of his arrival, which coincided with the groin injury picked up by Rod McDonald.

“It’s mad how these things happen,” he said. “Rhys has the physical capabilities that we see in Aaron Hayden and he also has the composure and the ability to read play, and play football as well.

“He’s a good passer, drives into midfield and he’s an excellent acquisition. As we grow and he grows he’ll only get better and, within that, I’m sure we’ll end up to that point as we near January that we’ll look to try and retain his services.

“Like he said to me when I first got the job, he told me that if he was going to play in League Two, he’ll come and play for me. That’s just because of the relationship we had at Rochdale when we recruited him there. We inherited him actually, it came from that, so we’ll see what happens in January.”

On the conversations to be had on that subject, he told us: “It will come, and I suppose it will come for the other players as we get towards the end of the season.

“We’re a quarter in, so Rhys is in a different position, but I want him to stay and I know he’s enjoying himself. It will be put on the club’s toes and we’ll have to try our best to service something if it makes us valuable and better.

“I think he does, so we’ll have to get to those conversations at the right moment in time.”

And with an update on Rod McDonald, he commented: “His groin injury is a grade two. It’s anything between a couple of weeks or so, depending on how well it heals.

“I’m hopeful of him picking it up next week and seeing where he is.”

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