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COVID-19: Draft Spectator Code of Conduct

Consultation takes place with fans on new Covid-19 Spectator Code of Conduct for Social Distancing at Brunton Park

8 August 2020

At the latest CUSG meeting, held via Zoom on Monday 3 August, the groups discussed potential new matchday arrangements with chief executive Nigel Clibbens that could be put into place with social distancing measures potentially being implemented at Brunton Park from October this year.

A core part of the new arrangements will be for the club and its fans to work together to do all that is reasonably practicable to attain the highest level of Covid-19 health and safety.

The aim is to prevent transmission and to protect fans from harm at all times.

This will extend to the need to implement the new measures.

Speaking about the Spectator Code of Conduct, Nigel explained: “Much more than in normal circumstances, the attitude and approach of everyone attending the games will impact on how we can prevent transmission and protect fans.

“We are truly all in this together. How we all behave impacts not only on ourselves but crucially on others – our fellow fans, friends and family.

“If we can work together with care and consideration we can watch live football together; if not the rules will be tightened and we will once again be restricted. Nobody wants to have to feel the serious consequences of that.

“We want a positive and cooperative spirit as we battle through this and aim to make it work in these difficult circumstances. Hence why we want the full involvement of the fans. I’m sure Carlisle fans will do everything that it necessary – no doubt about it.

“The code includes a basic commitment not only to respect the social distancing needs of others, but also to avoid doing things that might risk the health of fellow fans, players and staff working at the ground.

“All fans who purchase, or individuals who are allocated tickets, including complimentary tickets, for a match at Brunton Park where social distancing and COVID-19 protection measures are in place, must agree to comply with this Covid-19 Spectator Code of Conduct.

“This includes any spectators in hospitality areas and, where applicable, supporters of visiting teams. Going forward all clubs will have a similar Code of Conduct in operation.

“We shared the draft Code of Conduct prior to the CUSG meeting and debated the issues highlighted and raised by the groups.

“Amendments and improvements were made to the draft document off the back of that. CUSG voted to fully support the code, which is a great start.

“It will be considered as part of our wider discussions with our local Safety Advisory Group before being finalised, and before fans pay for any tickets. The draft Code of Conduct in its current format gives our supporters an idea of what to expect.” 

Click HERE to read the DRAFT Spectator Code of Conduct.

“The area of biggest discussion was face coverings. There was a lot of support to make them mandatory. That is possible and fans must be prepared for that if they want to come to live games.”

Chairman of CUSG Simon Clarkson said: “As fans we were pleased to work with the club on the Code of Conduct.

“This is exactly the type of fan engagement that is essential. We fully support the steps being taken to ensure that fans can return safely to watching live football, and we look forward to that day very much.”

Click HERE to read the DRAFT Spectator Code of Conduct.

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