COMMUNITY: A match to remember for Gillford Park U10s

Gillford Park U10s were invited to play on the Brunton Park pitch at half time during the Grimsby Town game.

Split into two teams, all the players competed well with some great goals scored, and some great saves, and they were able to watch our game against Grimsby Town as part of the club’s growing Play-on-the-Pitch scheme. 

At most home games we have local teams attending and Saturday was no exception. 

Every season CUFC gives free tickets to local teams in the area, offering a memorable experience to those taking part and helping the club develop its next generation of fans

Teams are invited to the Family Zone to meet players not involved in the squad that day, before they then go into the Pioneer Stand where they are visited by mascot Olga the Fox. 

The main event is, of course, a football match at half time on the pitch! Parents and guardians are invited to watch and are able to purchase a half-price ticket for the match, and children from other age groups can also come along to support their club mates with free tickets. 

A big thanks to Robbie Edgar and Mark Birch who work hard to make their day special.

Why not get involved? Your team could play on the pitch! If you'd like to register your interest please email for more information. 

We are looking for anyone interested in partnering the club to develop the scheme. Why not take part and make a difference?  Call the commercial department on 0330 094 5930 option 3 for more details. 

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