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CLUB STATEMENT: It is something that has to stop

12 March 2016

Use of pyrotechnics will be dealt with severely

Carlisle United Football Club can confirm that we have been informed by match day security staff on duty at today’s Exeter City fixture that an individual was taken into custody following the use of a pyrotechnic in the away areas of the stadium during the opening 10 minutes of the game.

The use of the pyrotechnic caused a series of events which led to the game being halted for just over 65 minutes as local fire crews deployed to the site to carry out full fire and safety checks.

In a statement released tonight, the Football League's Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey, said: “Both clubs, the match day security staff, the emergency services and the overwhelming majority of supporters should be commended for their response to today's events. 

“Unfortunately the actions of one individual have caused significant disruption and put fellow fans at risk of injury. The taking of smoke grenades or flares to football matches is irresponsible and absolutely mindless. 

“It is something that has to stop.”

United’s media officer Andy Hall said: “Obviously this particular incident is in the hands of the authorities and it would be remiss of us to discuss it in detail at this stage.

“However, what we can say is that it is believed the individual has attended the game as a Carlisle United fan and that a pyrotechnic was used. The smoke from that pyrotechnic triggered fire alarms and a sequence of events which led to the game being delayed for some 65 minutes.

“We can also reveal that due to the serious nature of the incident, and the implications it had on the safety of playing staff and supporters alike, we were minutes away from having to call the game off.

“We echo the comments from Shaun Harvey. The match day staff handled the incident impeccably but, the fact of the matter is, we now find out it should not have happened in the first place.

“Our club has gained a fantastic reputation in recent years for the way we travel – both for the numbers we take and the way we conduct ourselves – and we will not allow a small number of people to damage that reputation.

“Anyone found in possession of pyrotechnics, or any other prohibited items, either at Brunton Park or at an away venue, will be dealt with severely.”

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