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MANAGER: Assessing where we are

15 October 2014

Carlisle boss Keith Curle on evaluating the squad

Manager Keith Curle confirmed this week that his assessment of the players at his disposal continues as the work to finalise a dossier, detailing the way ahead for the club, comes to a close.

“I could fill that changing room full of new personnel but I’m still in the process of finding out exactly how far I can take the players who are already in there,” he said. “I’m asking the question - can I get them to perform to a level of consistency I think is acceptable for the football club? Part of the dossier I’m trying to create is to assess where we were, where we are now and where I think we can get us to with this group. 

“I haven’t presented that document yet because there are still players I need to see before I make a written assessment. Once it’s written down it’s quite final, so I want to make sure I’m right.

“There’s also an element of the players getting to know me. I know I do things differently to other coaches but I’m approachable and I’m a good listener. I take on board the life experiences some of the players will be going through and, if I can help them, that’s what I’ll do. 

“Ultimately I’m a football coach and I like to improve footballers. If they come to the table prepared, physically and mentally, then I know I can maximise their potential.”

“I still know the job at hand is to keep Carlisle United in the Football League,” he told us. “That hasn’t changed because I know what this game can do to you. If you try to do things too soon or too quickly it can send you right off course. 

“We’re going in the right direction and I know if we can get comfortably in mid-table then we’ll only be four or five points away from where we all want to be. We’re getting there, but there are areas we still want to work on. 

“Throw ins and set plays is one area because there are goals to be had from that. We had Amy, from the media department, filming our set play sessions last week because we’re not quite understanding the movement and runs we need to make at the moment. Every time we get in the opposition box it’s an opportunity to score and we have to develop that mindset.”

“The really good thing is that when I’m asking the players to do something slightly different, or things which are alien to them, they’re buying into it,” he explained. “That’s all you can ask as a manager. I’m asking for feedback all the time and I think things are coming together for us off the back of it.

“The way to keep this run going is by keeping things as simple as possible and by not confusing anything. Players are playing in positions where they understand their role. They’re delivering for us and it all sounds so simple, but it can be. I think they understand exactly what is being asked of them. 

“It’s a young changing room full of energy and they need to know when to use it, how to use it and when to exploit it to its maximum. There’s no better feeling on a Sunday morning than waking up and being absolutely shattered, but you can’t wait to get hold of the papers because you know you’ve given it everything. The more people around you who keep emptying the tank, the same way as you are, the better the results and rewards for everyone. I want players to earn their wage at this club. I want them to know that they have to come through our gates and deliver.

“The next stage for us is to get the team firing on all cylinders and make sure they can manage the disappointments and also manage the excitement of getting results. I need to make sure they understand why they’re performing well and why they’re getting the pats on the back. If they get that they’ll reproduce it for us on a more consistent basis.”

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