INTERVIEW: A disappointing result

Paul Thirlwell on the Colchester game

Paul Thirlwell gave us his reaction to the disappointing defeat against Colchester shortly after full time on Saturday.

"That wasn't the way we wanted to end the season," he said. 

"It was a disappointing result and it had that end of season feel until they got their goal. You could tell that they were happy with a point because that was all they needed to keep them up. 

"Usually when you need a result on the last day of the season you get one, which we found against Mlllwall a few years ago. Whatever was going to happen that day we were going to win it and it seemed to be that way for them. We're still disappointed to have lost the game because it looked like a 0-0 as soon as we kicked off. 

"We've worked very hard over the last couple of months to get ourselves the sort of results that no-one would have ever expected from us. We've had our critics throughout the season and that has been completely justified, because we've been very inconsistent. We've had some difficult spells but to come out of it the way we have shows that we've stuck together as a club to make sure we did what was needed."

"The two month period we had where we got a lot of good results was really important for us," he continued. "The performances took a back seat a bit because we knew we needed points to keep us up. 

"We played some good football during that time but we can't hide away from the fact that for the rest of the season we haven't been good enough. I'm sure Greg [Abbott] will address that and whoever comes back in pre-season will have to be ready to go. 

"I think as senior players in the squad we have to try and help the young lads through the tough periods as much as we can. Sometimes when the young lads get thrown in they have no fear so they're the best type of people to have around, but I think as a group we've got through it quite well. 

"It's always nice to be able to go back out and thank the fans for sticking with us, and I think they deserve that however the season goes. We've seen how tough this league is and if you aren't at the top of your game for 15 minutes in a game you can be out of it. 

"Before this season we've had four good years of success and being at the right end of the table, so this season hasn't been as good but hopefully we can push on again next year.

"I definitely want to be here next season if I can be. I've enjoyed my time here and I think I've still got a lot left to offer. We'll have to see what the gaffer says and we'll take it from there."

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