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INTERVIEW: Safety Officer John Little

14 November 2012

Comment on a range of issues

We caught up with club Safety Officer John Little recently to discuss a range of issues, from match day flags to policing and stewarding policies at Brunton Park.

When asked about the fans, he said: "The majority of our supporters are extremely well behaved. They cause us no problems at all and will cooperate and work with the club very well. Most of them understand what it is we are trying to achieve and we appreciate the help they give us on a match day."

One question which most supporters will be able to relate to is why some objects, flags for example, aren’t allowed in Brunton Park.

“The policy is that we are happy to see flags in Brunton Park," he explained. "Small, hand-held flags are not a problem and smaller flags which will hang over the crush barriers in standing areas are also fine with us. 

"The problem that we do experience is where people want to put large flags in the standing and seated areas of the ground. For safety and licencing reasons we can't allow that, but we do actively encourage people to bring and hang their large flags in the Waterworks End of the ground."

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