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INTERVIEW: They’re the lifeblood of the club

14 March 2024


INTERVIEW: They’re the lifeblood of the club

14 March 2024

Earlier this week, Tom Piatak II spoke to us regarding action on the pitch.

“We’re bottom of the table, we all know that and we’d like to be better.

“If we can get some positive momentum, I think that would be absolutely fantastic as we come towards the end of the season here.

“The Bristol game, I thought we had a good performance, Burton, obviously with the win and even the game at Charlton, if you were a neutral, it was a fantastic game to be at and unfortunately we came out on the wrong side of it.

“The team showed fight, they showed spirit and that’s what we want to see as we come into the final stages of the year here.”

Despite United’s recent form, we continue to be backed strongly by supporters. 

Speaking on the Blues’ 12th man, he said: “The fans have been absolutely massive, they’re the lifeblood of the club, the lifeblood of the community and we really appreciate the support that’s still coming out given our situation and we hope to continue that and keep driving it forward.”

“We believe Paul is the right guy for next season, we've already started the planning process for moving into the summer window,” said Tom.

The club have recently introduced StatsBomb - a high-quality sports data service - to assist with recruitment, opposition player analysis and more.

“I’ve been involved in that a little with some of the recruiting team and analysts here. 

“It’s a different way to look at things and we think the best way to do it is a combination of what we would call the old school way with scouts on the ground, eyes on players and stats.

“If you find the right mesh of those two, I believe that’s the best way to get the full picture and that’s what we’re hoping to do and what we want to do going forward.

“We’re learning new things in the system everyday, it is a very in-depth system, complicated in some ways, but as you learn it, it does start to make sense and once we get it right, we think it’ll be something which will be very positive for the club going forward.

“We certainly hope it’ll help put us ahead of the game, we’ll start to identify players earlier and then we can go and have those live viewings and everything quicker and have maybe more of them before we have to make a decision.

“We definitely hope it’ll put us on the front foot in that regard.”

We face Stevenage on 23 March in our ‘One Carlisle One Community’ fixture at Brunton Park.

“Once we heard about that, we thought it was a fantastic initiative.

“We look forward to being down in the city centre for the walk down to the stadium, so hopefully anyone who wants to be a part of that will come out and join.

“We think it’ll be a great day for the club and hopefully we can get a good result on it too.”

Finally, Tom added: “You will see a lot of changes, we’re getting to that time of the year where a lot of the plans and things that we’ve talked about and mentioned over the past year are going to start to come to fruition, so keep your eyes out.

“I know a lot of people are often snapping pictures early when they see something new and hopefully we’ll see a lot of that coming up in the next few months.”

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