BLUES LOTTO: Daily winners

Are you one of our lucky winners?

Keep an eye on your official website for details of our £100 daily draw winners throughout this season. 

Our winner for Saturday 20 July is Mrs B Johnston from Carlisle (member number 23114).
Our winner for Sunday 21 July is Mrs C Harrison from Houghton (member number 23498).
Our winner for Monday 22 July is AB & DJ Nelson from Carlisle (member number 1224).
Our winner for Tuesday 23 July is S Walker from Carlisle (member number 3014).
Our winner for Wednesday 24 July is Mrs L Robinson from Carlisle (member number 429).
Our winner for Thursday 25 July is Gordon Thompson from Carlisle (member number 23767).
Our winner for Friday 26 July is Chris Lawrence from York (member number 22347).
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