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MANAGER: Hopefully they'll come through

Paul Simpson on possible loan market movement

4 July 2023

Club News

MANAGER: Hopefully they'll come through

Paul Simpson on possible loan market movement

4 July 2023

The loan market turned out to be a particularly effective tool for the Blues last season, so much so that three of those players – Ben Barclay, Alfie McCalmont and Jack Robinson – made it a permanent arrangement at the earliest opportunity during the summer.

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MANAGER: Until it's signed, he isn't yours

3 July 2023

“We’ve got the three lads in so far who were on loan last year and we’ve got a couple of other things we’re looking at in terms of loans,” manager Paul Simpson told us at the his first press conference of the new season on Monday.

“They won’t happen this week, possibly next, and hopefully they’ll come through. In terms of Premier League loans, we have to wait for the international boys to come back, so that's going to be probably in a week or so.

“I think we will get loans from Premier League clubs and then we've just got to wait and see what happens after that. 

“The three who have signed contracts, we’ve given them an opportunity to play football and that's what we're here for. They'll be able to show us what they're all about.

“They'll be able to help the squad, help the team, give the fans something to shout about, but I'm not deluded to think that this is enough. We're going to need some reinforcements. We need more players to come in.

“That’s for the fans, for me, and for the rest of the players, because they want to see new faces and we’re desperately trying to do it, so we’ll just keep working away. 

“But it’s good to get Ben, Alfie and Jack. With Ben, he had a contract with Stockport, and I think it's just the way it is. He wasn’t part of their plans and these things happen.

“That’s the same with Alfie. Leeds looked at this as an opportunity for one of their young players to get a chance in first team football, and that’s the same for Jack and Boro as well.

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GALLERY: Friday training images

1 July 2023

“The days of transfer fees are more for things at the top end, but not so much down this end. And to be honest, certainly not for us either.”

Two other players who took to their spells in Cumbria were Fin Back and John-Kymani Gordon who, the manager commented, were both still on the radar.

“There's interest, but whether we can get them is another thing,” he said. “I thought both lads did very well.

“I don't know what the clubs’ thoughts are on it, but we'll speak to them. I speak to Steve Cooper regularly. Mark Bright really enjoyed what we did with JK and he liked how we looked after him.

“So I don't think we've done ourselves any harm, whether it's with JK or whether it’s with any other players at their club, so we'll keep going. We'll keep trying to get them in.

“We know where we need players, just like all the fans will probably be aware of where we need players, and that's something we've just got to try and get to.”

“We’re actually talking to a number of clubs at the moment about loan signings. They just won’t allow to come through just yet because they want to check that their own international players are coming back fit.

“They don't want to reduce the quality of their own squads that are training, so they keep them around. But I'm hoping that over the next week or two we should get a bit of movement on that.”

One situation that does appear to be resolved is that with out-of-contract player Omari Patrick.

“Omari has told me he wants to leave, so that’s that,” he said. “I’ve had numerous conversations with him and he’s decided to leave.

“I haven’t seen that he’s signed for anyone else, I’ve heard rumours, and we’ve had clubs asking about him, but I don’t think Omari will be coming back to us.

“When I spoke to him he said that he's not coming back. Listen, we want players who want to be here. He’s told me where he stands and we wish him well and respect him for that.”

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