MANAGER: Another good game to look forward to

United return to Brunton Park for the first time since the first weekend in December on Saturday when they host Bradford City in League Two action.

“I really am looking forward to it,” manager Keith Millen told us. “I said that to the players this morning - we’ve got three out of the next four at home and we’ve really got to look forward to it.

“We’ve got a nice big pitch here, I think a lot of the football we played on Tuesday night - I want to see that replicated on Saturday. I want us to be a dominant possession side, but with an end product.

“That’s the bit that’s missing in the puzzle. We all know that, it’s been like that for a long time. It will be a tough game, Bradford have some good players, but we’re certainly looking forward to it.

“They’ll come here feeling confident after their win over Barrow. I watched that game, and to be fair to Barrow they played well.

“But Bradford are dangerous in their front play, they’ve got some creative players going forward. We’re going to have to make sure we defend well as a team, which I want us to do every game.

“If you leave big gaps, I think Bradford are the sort of side that can hurt you in that situation. We’ve done some work on defending against them, but I also want us to try and dominate the game with the ball.”

“They’ve had a lot of draws, and they’ll be looking to turn those types of results and performanxces into wins, there’s no doubt about that,” he continued. “But we’re all looking forward to being at home because it does feel like a while.

“I’m really looking forward to the game and I’m hoping we can take a lot of the confidence we’ve seen from the last three games.

“The two previous games in the league we were a really strong, dominant and organised side. I felt Tuesday you saw the other side of us as well, where we can be a possession side.

“I’m hoping on Saturday we get that blend of doing both aspects well, and then we’re a difficult team to play against.

“I’d love to win every game but that isn’t going to happen. We have to put things in place that will put us in a better position over a longer period and I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made with that.

“There’s a real belief from the players and a confidence within the group. It feels like we’re close to going on a winning run.

“We’ve been close in every game, but I think that’s the how the league is. There are small margins, and if we can get more players in to help with competition then I’ve got no doubt we’ll keep improving.”

And the game at the weekend provides an immediate opportunity to bounce back from the disappointment of being knocked out of the Papa John’s Trophy on Tuesday night.

““We were really disappointed with that result because I thought we deserved more from the game,” he said. “I think Bradford will be bringing good numbers so I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m hoping our fans come out in their numbers and that they’re all looking forward to seeing us play.

“We’ve got three out of the next four games at home and our fans getting behind us really helps the players. If we can get some good results we can be in a good place.

“We believe they’re bringing over a thousand and you tend to find that when you get good away support, it normally lifts the home fans a little bit, and there’s competition between two sets of supporters.

“I don’t really mind whether it’s home or away, I just love an atmosphere and the more people in the stadium the better.

“I’d love our fans to really get behind us because certainly the last three away games, the people who’ve travelled have been brilliant, they’ve created an atmosphere and a real support to the team, and the players appreciate that.

“I hope our fans at the start of the new year, first game, come here and really get behind the team.”

“And we have three new players who haven’t played here this season yet,” he concluded. “Fans like to see players who work hard and show enthusiasm, and the three we’ve brought in are very enthusiastic.

“They want to improve and show people how good they are. I’m sure the fans will see that whether they start or get involved on Saturday. I haven’t decided yet, but the competition for places is looking better already, and that’s what pleases me the most.”

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