BIG SMILES: Heartbreak turned to happiness for young fan

It feels like it was months ago now when United fans flocked to the Blues Store at the end of June for the brand-new ERREA kit launch, and there was an extra-special treat for supporters across the launch weekend as they got to meet some players - and manager Paul Simpson - when they came down to purchase their shirts, shorts and socks.

But for one young fan who lives on Warwick Road the excitement of meeting his heroes and getting their autographs quickly turned to disaster, as things took a turn for the worse when he went to play football on a local park that same weekend.

“I had my ball signed then I lost it,” Louis told us. “Then one of my friends kicked a ball at me really hard and it broke my arm.”


And, by the way, this was a second break just days after he’d had the plaster removed!!

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We were completely oblivious to this double-header of calamities here at the club until Neil McIntyre, managing director at Kingmoor Park and friend of the family, got in touch to see if there was anything we could do.

Paul Simpson was quickly on the case as soon as he was told the news, and he arranged for a ball to be signed by the squad and for Morgan Feeney and Joel Senior to carry out the grand handover pitchside earlier this week.

Louis was beyond excited to meet Paul and the lads, and a huge thank you goes to Neil for helping us to make good on a horrible situation.

Have a great summer off school Louis ... and look after that ball!

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