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MANAGER: We need to change the momentum

Keith Millen on finishing off the chances

25 November 2021

With the need to score goals highlighted once again on Tuesday night, Carlisle boss Keith Millen admitted that it continues to be an area of concern as more good opportunities went begging – chances that could have made such a big difference to the end result.

Club News

MANAGER: We have to change the mindset

24 November 2021

“I can’t hide from the fact that we’re not scoring goals,” he said. “But what I would say is we’re creating opportunities. If you’re not you’re in real trouble.

“We are creating, but we’re not taking the chances. Until something changes as far as personnel, I have to change the mindset in the dressing room. That’s what needs to change for Saturday’s game.

“The quality of the balls into the box are ok, the standard of the deliveries are good at times. We keep talking about the players making the right runs, so I don’t know if it comes down to confidence or needing a little bit more desire to get on the end of it.

“The players don’t mean to miss, no one means to miss a chance, they want to score. When you aren’t on a good run there’s a fear factor which means you don’t make natural decisions.

“That being said, we know that’s the problem, then we go and concede two goals. If we’d drawn we could talk about the positives, but we lost and it’s a mentality that has to change.

Club News

MANAGER: They're the nearest two

24 November 2021

“We need clean sheets then we need to keep trying to score. If we could get the first goal I think that would be massive for us. If we got the first goal on Tuesday, I’m convinced we would win the game. I’m just coming up with reasons and excuses really, it’s got to change.”

“I’m certainly not giving up on this group of players,” he added. “We’ve still got five or six games before the window opens. I just want to change the momentum for Saturday.

“If we can win on Saturday, we’ve got two cup games, you never know then. We could just go on a run and then see where we are in January. I’m not giving up on this set of players and I hope the fans don’t.

“They are trying. I think you can see that. I’ve got to try and help them a bit more with what I do for the next few days.”

“We keep talking about free agents, and the club are fine,” he said. “David’s fine that if there was someone there that would help, of course we would, and we’re looking.

“I’m going to games, watching games, we can’t do any more than we are from a scouting point of view. If something comes up, we would do it. It’s not a case that I can’t do it. If anyone’s got any names, then let me know.”

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