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MANAGER: It's a 10-game season

Chris Beech on the opportunities that remain

31 March 2021

United’s impressive home form continued on Tuesday night with a 2-0 home victory over Crawley, making them the division’s top scorers on their own patch with a net-busting 35 strikes.

Club News

MANAGER: It's something that's great to get back to

31 March 2021

Speaking more about the result, and what it means inside the dressing room, manager Chris Beech said: “I just take inspiration off honest behaviour. If the players are playing and behaving that way it keeps me strong, that’s where I find my strength from when other people try and twist it into other things.

“I stick to simplicity. It seems to have stood well for me in my life and I’ll stick with that, and hope the players follow it.

“I sent them a text on Monday night actually. Well, I’m not on the players’ chat, I don’t want to see what they’re saying about me, but I sent them a text through Jacob [Blain] just to say we can achieve something, we’re in a strong position, don’t listen to the white noise in the background that people are creating.

“Concentrate on what we can do, but we need to win the next game before we can try to achieve anything. But in 2016/17 Blackpool had 50 points, they had 11 games left, they snuck into the play-offs.

“A certain Mark Cullen scored a goal at Wembley and Blackpool were promoted. It is achievable, something we shouldn’t really be doing because of where we’ve been, it’s all a bit strange, the concoction.

“I told them to ignore the white noise and concentrate on the opposition and doing your job. They do read and look into a lot of stuff. One thing you can’t critique this group of lads in this ridiculous circumstance we’re in and had, is saying they’re not accessible.

“They’re bringing food in on Mondays for the local community. Rhys is streaming about mental health when we can’t play. They are accessible. Because of that access they do read and listen to a lot of negativity.

“Unfortunately in social media it’s massive. It does affect. There’s a lot of influences in that. Businesses pay for influencers. We have outside, inside media where you can influence. It depends what you want to do. I want to attack the 10 games. If you want to join me, join me.”

“It’s an easy to throw the confidence question at people if results aren’t going well,” he continued. “We were leading a lot of those games we lost, that’s not confidence, it’s just a lack of something happening within the game at a poignant  that changes it for us, and then not being able to deal with the discrepancy.

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GIANT FLAGS: Phase one complete

31 March 2021

“That’s psychology, it’s not confidence to take ownership of that game. We’ve had dips, of course we have, the Morecambe one, something else along those lines, Stevenage - the sending-off affected the game early doors.

“We started that game better than them and then it made a major impact on the outcome. But in all the other fixtures we’re competitive and confident, but we’re recovering and we’ve got something to attack.

“If you’re being really honest with everybody, to be in this position in the league is well above where we should be, to have the honesty within the group and opportunity to attack 10 games, I think we’ve got to jump on it, get behind it and do our best within it.”

And with still just under a quarter of the season to go, he added: “With a bit more luck we could have had more points, but what we’ve got to do now is look at where we are, look at what we are, look at the facts that we’re one of the best teams in the league at playing at their home ground.

“We’ve got to look after that between now and the end of the season. We’ve got 10 games to attack. There’s 30 points to play for, and we have to recognise that and take every opportunity with individual circumstance and give our best attributes towards that game.

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GALLERY: Images from the Tuesday home game

31 March 2021

“I might have to make a couple of changes, we’ll have to assess ahead of playing a very good team that’s trying their best to stay in the league.

“The table doesn’t make sense, you saw us put Cambridge on the back foot for 45 minutes with 19 shots at goal, it doesn’t mean Southend’s going be like that. We have to make sure we prepare correctly and we turn up.”

“We played a lot of good football last night, but we have done recently as well,” he commented. “It doesn’t surprise me when we get this beautiful weather, it makes everything better for us.

“You have to have a game of two halves when the wind’s so effective of what’s going on. We’ve utilised that to our advantage, but had discrepancy against it when we’ve tried to go against it.

“To have one of the best home records in the league is commendable with 10 games to go. We’ve got to make sure we try and have the best one.

“I don’t think we’ll have the best away record, but we definitely have to affect that now to give an opportunity to a 10-game season. It’s a 10-game season.”

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