PLAYER SPONSORSHIP: Florida-based fan with long distance support

Our Player Sponsorship packages have been selling quickly again this summer with just a few players and staff members left to be snapped up in what is a fantastic way to get behind the Blues.

And this season the package threw up a nice little story as a Florida-based fan got in touch to see if he could sponsor Gime Toure.

Those of you who use social media will have seen that Chandler Caudill – the fan in question – took to all of the club channels to ask how he could go about securing a sponsorship package for his favourite player, and he was in touch immediately when we replied with the relevant email details.

With time differences factored in, we reckon it could easily have been 5am over in the States when the first contact was made, with the sponsorship agreement completed just a few hours later.

Speaking to Chandler about his love of the Blues this week, he told us: “It was a pleasure to talk to Anne-Marie from the commercial team at the club.

“She made it really easy for me to sponsor Gime when I thought it might be difficult with me being over in America.

“I’m from Orlando, Florida and I’ve been a Carlisle supporter for about 10 years. I try to watch and follow as many games as I can, whether that’s on iFollow or just by following on Twitter.

“I dream of visiting Brunton Park in the future. I share the same birthday as Chris Beech, which I found surprising when he first became our manager last season, and I think he’s doing a really good job. 

“I try my hardest to buy Carlisle merchandise. I always have a game-day tradition of wearing a Carlisle United kit in hope that it brings them good luck.

“I’m looking forward to seeing them have another great season in League Two.”

Chandler showed his support for the lads last season when he purchased a Face in the Crowd cardboard cut-out, taking his place with hundreds of other supporters in the Pioneer Stand during the pandemic lock-out period.

A huge fan of sport, he can be found watching American Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey when not cheering on the Cumbrians.

And as for how he became a Carlisle supporter, he explained: “I was playing FIFA with my friend and we decided to play with random teams.

“The first one I picked was Carlisle United and I started following them from there. I was a Manchester United fan at the time, but that has obviously changed.”

Good stuff Chandler, and thank you for your support!

Striker Gime Toure said: “I’d like to say thank you to Chandler for his support. It’s always great to know that people are following you and that they want you to do well.

“Along with the rest of the team we will be looking to make it a good season, and I hope he does reach his dream of getting over to watch us here at Brunton Park one day soon.”

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