MANAGER: Watching on TV isn't as good

United’s treatment room remains relatively quiet, thankfully, with the just the slightly longer-term issues of Danny Devine, Josh Dixon and Morgan Feeney to contend with.

“I’ve not been updated from Ross on Morgan or Danny yet, but I’ll speak to him later today,” manager Chris Beech said. “In terms of Josh, he was due to play in the reserve game that had to get cancelled because of the weather on Wednesday.

“He picked up a groin strain, in his hip, he’s back training with us today [Thursday]. With a bit of luck he can continue to train and we’ll see what happens. It must be difficult for him because he’s a football player, and we found this period from Christmas to now difficult.

“He’s actually had two years not playing football, he needs to get going and playing. We’ll have to have a look at that when we know he’s completed a week’s worth of training.”

Meanwhile, away from on-pitch matters, we sked the boss for his opinion on the announcement which means that the return of fans is now unlikely, with the lockdown being eased in tentative stages.

“I watch League Two games on TV and it isn’t as good as being at a live game, you can’t see the intensity and energy or how quick things are on TV,” he told us. “If we are lucky enough to be picked out as a test event, the club staff were brilliant in getting everything organised last time, so it would be fantastic if we’re able to be in that position again.

“If we can’t, it’s just something else we need to deal with. We do know that even though they can’t be here, our supporters are behind us. It’s been great that we’ve been able to excite people watching on iFollow, and it’s important now that they support us until the end of the season.

“We aren’t going to get what we want every week, that isn’t going to happen, but we have to understand what support is and what our responsibilities are.

“We’ll find a happy medium within that and maybe something will happen for us, but I’ll tell you now that we’ll put all of our efforts into making sure we’re ready to play every game.

“Removing us and the situation, being able to play in front of people is just a great thing to be able to celebrate. In terms of trying to direct that at us at this current part of where we are, there are no guarantees of anything.

“It’s just a shame we can’t have them to help us and support us against Oldham because that’s all I’m really focused on.”

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