MANAGER: No lack of preparation

Having created a ‘no excuse’ environment over the first half of this season manager Chris Beech insisted that the challenges to his training schedule thrown up by the weather were not about to get in the way, with his team fully prepared for each game whatever barriers are thrown up along the way.

“There’ll be no lack of preparation because what we do is make our training sessions relevant to what we have available at the time,” he said. “What there will be is people who haven’t been able to get in rhythm, and that’s because we’ve only had two or three sessions outside that I can recall in quite a long period of time.

“If you’re somebody who wants to do something, and do it well, you have to be able to practice as much as you can.

“Lacking that practice affects your psychology, your decision making, and training properly allows you to do things well when you’re exhausted. In turn you make cleaner decisions in games when you’re in stress, so it is difficult without that element to your preparation.”

And having spotted a potential weather-proof facility close by, he commented: “I don’t know if you know anybody at Richard Rose, I see they have a fantastic 4G facility that isn’t being used.

“We’ve made contact, because it’s only a mile away from the ground, so this is a bit of a plea from the Carlisle manager. If someone hears this and they can open a back gate, we’ll happily use it.

“There are rules that might stop that, with insurances and things like that, and I know a lot of community facilities are closed because of the virus and those rules.

“But if anyone knows anybody at Richard Rose who could talk to us, we could look at that. We’ve utilised Penrith’s magnificent rugby pitch, but that’s had to close, and we just want to be outside and training whatever the weather is doing.”

Read Time: 2 mins