MANAGER: A good feeling comes out of people doing good things

United’s off-field activities have gained as much applause as their on-field approach in recent weeks with the lads having been involved in a number of online fundraising activities, as well as appearances on gaming platforms and podcasts as they make themselves available for chat, fun and a mixture of both with a real feeling of goodwill surrounding it all.

“This kind of thing comes out of the characters of the lads, I think the supporters can relate to them,” manager Chris Beech said. “When I’m recruiting players I want good people.

“A good feeling comes out of people doing good things and these lads are honest, hard-working, and representing a community who have the same traits. It matches. Because of that I think we can grow something that can be special, as it currently is, and we have to make sure we understand that now.

“I think it’s superb that the supporters get involved, and it’s really good that the players get involved with supporters. That’s what football is, to be shared.

“We’re fortunate to be able to keep working. It throws me and the lads some real curve balls in our current climate, we’re fortunate to keep doing what we do and respect that, and we have to understand how much it means to the Carlisle supporter.”

Every player interviewed recently has commented on the positive working environment, and the manager confirmed that it has the makings of being a very special group.

“They crack on with any hardships with no excuse, represent us as best they can each game and support each other in ups and downs,” he said. “It’s great having that, but until you can tangibly touch something, they’re all just good things.

“To create that culture and environment is important because it does help, and it is harder on a long journey to get where you want to be. They’re key factors in any workforce, never mind football.”

Does that come down to setting a minimum acceptable standard?

“It doesn’t really matter what you will and won’t accept,” he insisted. “It matters what it actually is. What we have to do is make sure we keep working very hard to meet a requirement, which never changes in football – that’s winning.

“We have to find ways, and different ways in what we’re doing, to win football matches. We’ve done it better than anyone else in terms of up to now in the league; we have to look to better or surpass that.

“If anything, you can’t guarantee anything. All we can do is work on those traits, we’ve got some good players, players that can win games, players that are very disciplined, energetic, technically very good, we have to try and utilise that, make sure we’re on the right side of the line when the referee blows final whistles.”

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