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MANAGER: I don't think it would stop me signing someone

Keith Millen on players and their vaccination status

24 December 2021

A number of high-profile managers at top-flight clubs have asserted recently that their January transfer window dealings could well be guided by the vaccination status of potential targets, as concerns about the pandemic continue to press down heavily on all levels of the game.

Club News

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23 December 2021

But United boss Keith Millen confirmed that he won’t be taking that approach, with talks with players and their representatives thus far having stayed away from that particular domain.

“I’ve read about that, and it’s a good point,” he said. “I’ve not actually asked any players or agents I’ve spoken to if they’ve been jabbed, or what their record is with injections.

“I don’t think it would stop me signing someone, if it was the right player. It wouldn’t have an impact necessarily on me saying no because of it, or insisting they get jabbed before they come into the club. I don’t think that would be right.”

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MANAGER: It's what we get paid to do

24 December 2021

And he expressed a similar stance on the vaccination status of those already inside the building.

“I think it’s just making sure there’s an awareness of what the recommendations are, and why people are saying it,” he commented. “The rules seem to change almost every day now, from the EFL and the government.

“I can’t quite understand the difference between being jabbed or not being jabbed changing from the 10 days to seven days, having to go in isolation if you’ve not been jabbed.

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24 December 2021

“But if you’re being tested every day, I don’t quite understand the logic behind that. We’re testing every day here and that’s whether the players are being jabbed or not.

“I won’t tell players they have to be jabbed, that’s not my place. You’ve just got to explain the consequences of not being jabbed, where they run the risk of maybe being ill or maybe infecting someone at home who might be older.

“We talk about it but there’s no way that I can insist that someone does it, or stop them working, because that would be against the rules set by the government.”

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