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MANAGER: You've got to have good people around you

Chris Beech on ongoing transfer activity

19 August 2021

The summer transfer window continues to ease slowly towards the closed position, but with 12 days of trading remaining manager Chris Beech confirmed at his Thursday morning press conference that United were still actively looking to add to the squad.

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21 August 2021

“We’re currently active in trying to recruit, but there’s some intelligence behind that, because it’s got to fit,” he said. “Sometimes it’s alright saying you’ve got to spend all your money on certain things and in certain ways.

“But you’ve got 15 or 20 lads who are very similar, paid similar, doing similar things, and it’s important you make sure you look after your group.

“You’ve got to have good people around you doing good things to serve long. I’ve got to make sure that whoever we do bring in is fit into those aspects.”

“Obviously finance, stuff like that, the question’s above in terms of me,” he added. “I don’t have our in and out book that we use at Barclays Bank for Carlisle United, I’m not in control of that.

“I do have a big say in what we’re trying to achieve, but I don’t go in the bank and take money out or put money in, that’s not my job. I have to try my best with what is presented towards what we’re trying to achieve.”

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MANAGER: Great to see him back

19 August 2021

When asked if there was a possibility of anything happening ahead of the Orient fixture, he commented: “Yeah, there is, but it’s a bit like when I would have loved to have told you about Brad Young, I got asked on the Thursday, I was due to meet him on the Friday and watch him play on the way down to Swindon, but couldn’t tell you that, and actually didn’t end up doing that due to one or two differences of travel in what went on.

“At that point it wasn’t finalised either. There’s always something that can turn it in, turn it out. Until we get to the point of it being completed I’d look very foolish in talking about something that doesn’t actually happen.

“As for positions, defensive cover is definitely likely but it isn’t apparent that it’s something we need right now. It’s something that has to be measured and fit our culture and group.

“This time last year we had Aaron Hayden, Rod McDonald and Max Hunt and now we’ve got Rod, Corey and Morgan. As a three I’m very comfortable with that.

“I didn’t sign Corey to be a centre half, but I did know he’d be somebody who would end up playing a lot of games because he can cover a lot of positions.

“He’s always likely to be getting changed because he’s got that adaptability. He’s doing ever so well as a centre half, but before the window closes it would be nice to be slightly stronger in that area.”

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