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INTERVIEW: It was Premier League quality

Chris Beech on Omari Patrick's first goal for the club

24 February 2020

Carlisle boss Chris Beech had a ‘right down the barrel’ view from the dugout of Omari Patrick’s first goal for the club on Saturday afternoon and he spoke afterwards about what he felt was a top quality finish, from the pass which created the opening to the precise nature of the final strike of the ball.

Club News

INTERVIEW: The effort and energy is excellent

23 February 2020

“The quality, it was Premier League class, it was,” he insisted. “We’ve had him in the room this week watching Liverpool players taking more touches, running at pace.

“Omari’s got pace. I know aesthetically he doesn’t look like a clean runner, he looks a bit stiff actually – he looks like me getting out of bed – but when he gets going he frees up. He’s quick, he’s deceptively quick, but he has to use those aspects of his play all the time, whether it’s to get the ball back, run to receive balls, or run with the ball.

“His touch is good, he has some skill and abilities to rock an opponent. It was a great first touch for his goal. The diagonal pass from Byron Webster was sublime, Omari’s first touch was exquisite and his finish was exceptional. There’s some nice words for you!”

“What I’m pleased about with Omari is that he’s committed to the area and renting a flat,” he continued. “It’s great we have the support of the house for the players, I’m pleased about that, and I know it’s hard sometimes when players are only on 12-month contracts, but Omari has been committed to [by us] for a little bit longer.

“The initial reason for that commitment from me is basically his raw pace. We have to try and utilise and maximise that. He has raw abilities within that pace, you saw that today with his touch and finish.

“I have no doubt it will help his confidence, because he’s younger. I think if he was older, like Lewi Alessandra, he hasn’t scored but his work rate, his touch, his game play, the ability to win fouls, his alertness, his brain, they’re big factors to why you win games.

Match Reports

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22 February 2020

“But someone like Omari, God’s given him pace, so he’s got to run, wherever he plays he has to run, whether it’s to get the ball back, run to receive, go in behind and beyond opponents, or with the ball.

“If he doesn’t do those things, me and you may as well play. He’s got to make sure he’s running, moving and mobile. If he takes extra touches, it’s like going back in the playground, piggy in the middle, you have to keep the ball, get the ball, keep it, then do things with it.

“Like I say, it’s a great ball from Byron, a fantastic touch, and then it’s a Premier League finish. The ball was three-yards outside the box and it’s curled right in off the post, the goalkeeper has no chance.

“He might favour that position. I spoke in the week, he wanted to play down the middle actually, but it’s just these things, wherever they play and whatever they do, they have to bring their A game to the matchday and do what they’re good at.”

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GALLERY: Images from the Morecambe game

23 February 2020

Equally as pleasing was the header from Aaron Hayden – a goal which was effective in the simple way it was executed.

“Aaron does well,” he told us. “If you watch it back he goes left, comes right and steps through. I’ve seen a goal last night in the Championship, Fulham, the same – the centre forward is going left, comes right, then he has the volley.

“People say how does he get so much room in the box. Watch Aaron’s movement, it’s excellent. His leap, he excels, and what I really like about the goal is Lewi starts on the goalkeeper but peels backwards.

“If it’s going slightly wide, I don’t know if he was tempted to try and claim it, but he’s almost there to tap it home. It’s really good from a team perspective as a set play. What I want going forward is things like that celebrated because they’ve won us a game.”

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