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MANAGER: I know what these lads are capable of

Manager John Sheridan on the strength in the group

21 November 2018

United have been under the spotlight for not scoring goals despite having created good chances recently, but they put that to bed on Saturday with excellent finishes from Ashley Nadesan, Regan Slater [2] and Jamie Devitt which helped the away side to a stunning four-goal victory.

Pleased with the performance, manager John Sheridan praised the efforts and the quality of the goals, but also pointed out that he wants his players to continue to demand more from each other as he looks to close the gap on the top seven places through what is a busy end-of-year period.

“We’re still a long way from where I want us to be,” he said. “You know what I’m like, I want more from everyone, but I’m very pleased with the players following Saturday’s game. They worked hard as a team and they scored some very good goals because of it.

“I’ll always come out and talk about what we’ve done wrong if results don’t go our way, but it’s always done because I want us to be better. There have been games we’ve lost, but I’ve still been happy because we’ve created chances.

“The thing that’s set us apart at the weekend is that we’ve taken the opportunities we’ve created and the game became very simple for us. The really big part of all of this for me is that I know what these lads are capable of.”

“They really wanted the win and the clean sheet and that was great to see for us and for the fans,” he added. “I’ve had players chasing the ball for 60 yards when there’s only two minutes to go and we’re four goals up.

“That tells me we have a lot of good things in our game and it stands us in really good stead. I like that because I don’t want us to get sloppy at any stage in any game. If we’ve scored four goals, go on and get five or six. It all helps to breed the winning mentality.

“I was shouting at Hallam Hope with two minutes to go, and I know he’ll have been wondering what on earth was going on, but that’s just how I am. Tommy [Wright] is the same, and so is Muzz [Paul Murray] because we’re just desperate to win.

“I know players don’t like being shouted at, I didn’t like it when I was playing. I remember hearing it and thinking, yeah, whatever, and I know these lads are the same. But what you do is listen and take it on board, because it’s about everybody wanting to win.

“All I’ll keep saying is that I’m doing it for a reason because I want people to want us to be successful and to get us out of this division.”

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