There was a nice surprise for our Harraby 3G soccer school children on Friday afternoon when Jason Kennedy and Gary Liddle popped along to hand out the medals and certificates at the end of what had been a fantastic week.

The youngsters had braved the unbelievable weather conditions - there was hail and heavy rain at one point - to complete their football competitions and they were rewarded for their efforts with a chance to get autographs and photographs with their heroes.

Midfielder Jason Kennedy said: "The children took their dedication to the next level on Friday because the rain was extremely heavy.

"It didn't bother them one bit, so the least we could do was pop along and help them with their awards ceremony."

Defender Gary Liddle said: "They were all soaked to the skin but it was great to see them still smiling and laughing when they came back into the sports hall.

"Both Jason and I were pleased that we were invited and we received a lot of well wishes from the season. I'd like to say well done to the community staff and the children who took part - they all clearly had a really enjoyable week."

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