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MANAGER: It wasn't good enough

Keith Curle with his reaction to the Accrington game

10 September 2017

Manager Keith Curle spoke to his players for over 90 minutes following Saturday’s disappointing performance and result at Accrington and he wasn’t in the mood for looking for excuses when he spoke to the press at his post-match conference.

“It was a day where we were well supported by our fans but we just didn’t perform,” he said. “As a team we simply weren’t good enough. Today isn’t a day for raking over it too much because I’m hurting a lot. I’m disappointed and angry, but I have to deal with it in a professional manner.

“I take full accountability and responsibility for what happened and I will say that you can blame me for the result and performance. I know some will be saying ‘Curle out’ and things like that, and I understand that level of frustration. Today is a day where I shoulder responsibility for the performance, but I’m not prepared to come out and throw smokescreens up about it.

“It’s a difficult one to go over so I’m not going to come out with a load of hot air or twaddle and try to blag or bluff people by covering things up. The fact is the performance wasn’t good enough. I don’t think it’s right for me to start with excuses because our paying public don’t deserve that.

“I love the support this club gets and we’re very lucky to have that amount of passion and loyalty. The players needed to get off the pitch at full time today because what they’d served up wasn’t right.”

On the discussions he had with the players at full time, he said: “What happened in the dressing room stays in there, and I think that’s how it needs to be in situations like this. Three years ago I came out with some quotes, made a few headlines and got a lot of people talking.

“I was very honest in what I said but I believe the right thing to do now is to keep what was said in the changing room to the players and the staff who were in there. I can’t now change the result or the performance, so all I can do is deal with it with honesty.”

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