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INTERVIEW: I just feel really settled

Defender Tom Miller on reaping rewards from a change of lifestyle

24 August 2017

United defender Tom Miller revealed this week that a change in lifestyle and attitude has played a big part in his run of excellent early season form which has seen him either score or create goals in each of the three games he’s played so far.

Having come a through a season of what he described himself as ‘up and down form’ last time round he came into this pre-season determined to make his mark and show once again that he’s ready to push on and play a part in bringing success to his adopted club.

“I’ve come back feeling like I’m in my best form and that’s because I’ve changed different aspects of my life,” he told us. “I just want to give it a good go and enjoy my football. We missed out on promotion last season and I want to give everything I can to this side to push for it this time.

“The way I’m looking at things now is a combination of the fact that I want my own fulfilment and I also want to get the best out of myself. With that I want to make sure I’m helping to get the best out of the club because I know we can go one extra step this year. That’s something I want more than anything.”

As to the changes he’s made to help him to achieve his targets, he said: “I’m looking to improve my concentration levels off the field as well as on the field. It’s a long season, and you do go through ups and downs, but I’m doing what I can to make sure I have more ups than downs.

“It might sound like a small thing but changing my diet has made me feel a lot better. I’m living on a vegan diet now, which means I’ve cut out the meat and dairy and all that stuff, and I do feel great from that.

“I’ve lost a little bit of weight but my muscle mass has improved, and that obviously helps with strength, presence and mobility, and things like that. In terms of recovery, I’ve stopped going out all the time – and by that I don’t mean drinking. In the past, when I was away from the pitch, as soon as I got bored at home I’d go out for a walk or go shopping, or find something to do to pass the time.

I was ignoring the fact that I needed to rest, so I’ve realised that you have to sacrifice some of the things you’d rather be doing for making sure you’re in the right condition and right frame of mind ...

Tom Miller

“I was ignoring the fact that I needed to rest, so I’ve realised that you have to sacrifice some of the things you’d rather be doing for making sure you’re in the right condition and right frame of mind. The easy thing to do is to keep doing the things which are nice to do, but then you aren’t getting the recovery you need.”

“Like I say, I sat down and looked at every area of my life and I’ve decided I do need to make those sacrifices if I’m going to make this career work as well as I want it to,” he continued. “They’re all little changes but I believe they’re playing a real part in why I feel so good physically, mentally and with my life in general.

“Obviously you have to enjoy yourself at times, that’s the same for everybody, but I’m going to continue what I’m doing now through the rest of the season and hopefully I’ll get the rewards from it.

“My girlfriend has played her part as well because I sat down and spoke to her about it. I told her I wanted to make a few changes on a trial and error basis and she backed me with it. It’s been brilliant for me so far and overall I feel I’m in a really good place.

“It’s all come together for me because I moved into my home last year, which is nice, and I just feel really settled in my life. Everything from my family to the club, the lads, my home life with my girlfriend, it’s a combination of everything which has put me in such a great place.

“There’s no doubt I feel like I’m playing as well as I have because of it and now it’s up to me to use of all that to remain professional, consistent and on top of my game. I think I do have a good top level when I get to it but the important thing is maintaining it week in and week out.”

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