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INTERVIEW: It felt like I needed to make something happen

20 October 2015

Midfielder Bastien Hery on the weekend win against Exeter

Midfielder Bastien Hery gave us his reaction to the victory over Exeter on Saturday. 

“It was a good result for the lads and I’m really pleased with how it went,” he said. “We had to work hard to get it but we stuck together. That’s good because we got the victory at the end of it.

“I think the difference from last week was that we didn’t work hard for the full 90 minutes in the same way as we did today. We knew we had to be back on it and I think we did everything right. It was really important to get the win because that’s the mentality we have this season.”

Speaking about the moment of skill which allowed him to mount the match-winning counter-attack, he said: “It felt like I was keeping things too simple and I needed to make something happen. That’s where the decision to do the tricks comes from sometimes. 

“I’m obviously really happy with the counter-attack I set up. It’s even better that I’ve helped Alex [Gilliead] to get his first ever goal. He deserved it because of the way he played and, like all of the lads, he worked really hard.

“I’m not sure what was in my mind when I had the ball. You know you need to make a decision but you also know it has to be the right decision. I saw Derek was out wide so I slid him in. He’d just come onto the pitch and I knew he was fresher than I was.

“It was a relief when Alex finished it off. When Jason [Kennedy] had his header saved just after half time I wasn’t sure if it was going to be our day to score a goal or not. We believed in ourselves and we went for it, and in the end we were successful.”

“I’m really enjoying the run of games I’m getting at the moment,” he commented. “I just want to help the team and play as many games as I can. 

“We have a really good group and it’s nice to be part of it. Everyone knows their job and we all want the same thing.”

“Of course I expected us to be in the top half of the table,” he insisted, when asked about the current league position. “I came here because I want to be successful. It’s nice to be up there but we know we need to keep going. The hardest thing isn’t to be there - it’s to stay there.”

On his own search for a goal, he said: “I hope it’s coming. I want to score a goal every week and every time I play. 

“Sometimes I prefer to help to set them up but my time will come, definitely.”

And on the Tuesday night trip to Northampton, he said: “The travel doesn’t bother me. We’re here to play football. 

“A game is a game, wherever it is. For me, the worst team we can play against is us. If we’re having a good day we know can beat anyone.”

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