INTERVIEW: We knew how important it was to get results

Patrick Brough on last season and a look ahead to next season

In the second part of our interview with Patrick Brough we spoke about his development and his aims for the season ahead.

"A lot of people have said I'll have gained more from playing in a season like this one, particularly with there being so much pressure compared to what there would have been in a team which was at the top of the table," he said. 

"There was a lot of pressure on every game because we knew how important it was to get the results. You learn a lot when you play with that kind with that pressure." 

"As a local lad it was nice to be part of the team which kept us up," he told us. "When we weren't doing as well it was difficult, because I was going home and everyone was asking what was going on and how we were going to get out of it. Sometimes you just can't answer that type of question.

"When we put a few results together and guaranteed our safety those same people were coming up to me and saying nice things. There's a lot of good fans in this area and it's great to see how happy they are when we play well." 

On the kick start the team enjoyed after the poor showing at Accrington, he said: "I wasn't there, because of what happened with my dad, but I obviously heard about what the gaffer said afterwards. 

"We spoke as a group of players in the week following it and we knew how important it was to get results. We had to get our act together or we were going to go down, and none of us wanted that to happen again.

"The response was fantastic and, as we saw, we got back to playing the way we knew we could and we got the results we needed."

And on his personal development, he said: "I feel I've developed a lot throughout the season. I wasn't really sure what to expect when we came down into League Two. You're playing against experienced men and you realise you've got to grow up very quickly. 

"In the youth team you play against kids, and you can just brush past them, so when you're playing against big, powerful men there is a big difference.

"This season couldn't be any more different to the games I was playing last year. When you're in the youth team you're one of the better players, so it's easier. When you come into the first team everything is so much quicker. You've got to read the game better and know what you're doing before you even get the ball."

And the young left-sided player admitted that the contract offer tabled back in November had come as something of a nice surprise.

"Although everyone was telling me that they thought I would get another contract I was never expecting it would happen when it did," he admitted.

"I was over the moon when the gaffer offered me an extra year because it takes that bit of doubt away. You're worrying that you won't be playing football and that the club won't want you, so it was nice to get that bit of security.

"We all had meetings with the manager at the end of the season and it was good to hear what he thought, and what he expects from me next year. It's good to hear him talk about where he thinks we can be next season and how he feels I can be a part of it.

"On the other side of it, those meetings meant that some players weren't going to be at the club anymore. There are people who are available for loan and things like that, so things will change next season."

Talking about the summer break, he said: "I'll give myself a few weeks off. I'll still be in the gym but I won't be doing any running or anything like that for a couple of weeks. I'll just enjoy my time off then I'll build myself up again steadily so I come back as fit as I can.

"I don't think anyone really enjoys pre-season, but it's something you have to do because you know it benefits you when the season starts. If we're as fit as we can be hopefully that will give us the edge over other teams."

"I just want to carry on playing as much as I can next season," he said. "I want to be the first choice left back or left wing back, however the manager decides to play. I want to be in the team for a full season and see if we can get ourselves up the other end of the table.

"I'm definitely aiming to get a few goals this season because I definitely can't get any less! I've had a couple go just past the post, and Jason [Kennedy] nicked one off me with his stomach and even jumped ahead of me for the header against Hartlepool. I'm hoping I can get a couple next season ... if everyone just keeps out of the way!"

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