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MANAGER: All these lads will add something

27 June 2015

Keith Curle on new signings and players made available

Manager Keith Curle spoke more about the summer signings as the squad starts to bed together following two days of intense pre-season training.

“As I said on Thursday, we’re happy with what we’ve done so far,” he said. “All of the lads we’ve signed will add something to the squad.

“Bastien Hery is a naturally gifted footballer with that French attitude which, if harnessed in the right way, is exciting. He plays football and creates, he's forward thinking and he's prepared to get on the ball. 

“He's got bravery about him and he'll demand the ball. I spoke to a lot of people at Rochdale who were surprised when he was made available. He's a player who can enhance how we want to play, but first and foremost he's got to understand the work ethic that will be required. We stop the opposition, then we play - that will be our approach going into every game next season.”

“Tom Miller is one we’ve watched for a while,” he told us. “We tried to get him on numerous occasions last season. 

“He's had a good upbringing and he's got a hunger and a desire. He has ability and we're giving him a platform and a stage to impress and express himself.” 

“The Jason Kennedy deal suited both parties and I think that showed our intention with the quality and the character of the players we want to assemble. Michael Raynes and Luke Joyce both fit into that mould. 

“Michael has experience and he likes to defend. He’ll set standards and demand the same from those around him. Luke knows the club and he’s another who wants to be here. He’s grown up a lot since he was last here and I think he’s a fantastic addition to our midfield.”

“We wanted presence up front and Jabo Ibehre brings us that," he said. "The other lads we have here will benefit greatly from his experience and he will work his socks off for the team. Again, that’s something I like.

“We know all about Dave Atkinson and Derek Asamoah. They were with us last season and they’re players who have the type of character and playing characteristics I want to have around.

“When I bring players in I’ve got to have an understanding that I can get something out of them. I’m very confident with all of our signings that there’s something about them I like. They won’t be asked to do anything differently other than deliver what they’ve told me they are here to do.”

On the players who have been made available, he said: “They have been given a clear message in that when they are in the club they are expected to be professional and try and get in the team. 

“Antony Sweeney and Sean O'Hanlon spring to mind from last season. They were put on the transfer list and their response was a credit to them. The door isn't closed on any of those players. I don't close doors unless people want them closed, or unless they close them themselves. 

“Obviously we want to move things round if we can because it makes natural business sense not to have a dressing room full of players who aren’t going to play. I’m mindful that I do want to trim the squad down and the players who have been made available are those, in my opinion, who won’t get the game time they require at this moment in time. 

“They’re all good professionals and they aren’t bad players. They’re just not going to be out on the pitch as much as I think their careers deserve. I know the players who are here want to play football. If they get an opportunity to go elsewhere, and it’s right for everyone, then it’s a win-win situation and we will do what we can.”

Speaking about the move of midfielder Brad Potts to Blackpool, he said: “The money from that transfer has gone straight into the kitty. There are situations within that which generate more further down the line and assurances have been made that when that money hits it will also be made available. 

“There have been one or two questions asked about what it would take to get Kyle Dempsey, but one thing I don’t do is put a price on that player. He’s a player we want to be part of the foundations of where we want this club to go. His attitude and attention to detail are excellent and we wouldn’t want to lose that unless it was absolutely the right thing for everyone.”

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