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YOUTH: We know what the lads are capable of

12 September 2014

Youth coach Vince Overson on last weekend's game

Youth coach Vince Overson spoke to us following the disappointing 5-0 defeat at Oldham last weekend.

"I keep saying it but the only thing that's consistent in youth football is inconsistency," he said. "We've proved that in every game we've played so far this season. I was slightly annoyed on Saturday because I know what the lads are capable of. I can handle defeats but it was a complete capitulation, and that isn't acceptable.

"I can accept defeats if the lads aren't feeling up to it for whatever reason but when a team outruns you and outplays you it just isn't acceptable. Oldham made more forward runs beyond the back four and more recovery runs, they won more tackles and they probably bullied us a little bit. I was a bit upset about that."

"A performance like that does come as a shock, especially after we'd played so well against Hull City the week before," he agreed. "We always try and look for positives but the lads have to accept the fact I was really struggling to find any on Saturday. You do get games like this at this level, where you're dominated from start to finish, and that's what happened at Oldham."

"We went a goal down early doors and we conceded another quite soon after that," he explained. "After that I started to be a bad day, and it was. The few things that shouldn't change, at any level of football, are hard work, desire and commitment. 

"Even if you're 3-0 or 4-0 down, you should still approach the game in the right frame of mind. I think we just accepted the fact we were going to get beat after the two early goals went in."

"It does make it even more frustrating when we see what the lads are capable of on a daily basis," he told us. "The lads knew themselves. I didn't have to shout or raise my voice after the game because they knew the performance wasn't good enough.

"They're an honest bunch and they let themselves down. I keep coming back to it but this is where we're looking for individual performances and consistency. We have to make them realise they have to be the best they can be every single day. That's a mindset all of the top players need to have, to try and produce their best work in training and then show they can do it on a Saturday."

"Football is an emotional industry and some of the young lads find it difficult," he said. "They're still growing up and it's something everybody will go through. They have to handle what they're going through and be totally aware of what is demanded of them. They need to find the determination all of the top players have.

"Sooner or later they will believe in themselves. They'll be comfortable enough to know that when they make a mistake they can try the same thing again and probably get it right. It's just getting that belief drilled into them.

"We have to remember that a couple of months ago these lads were in school so they're still getting used to what is being asked of them. A lot of young players are frightened to make mistakes when, in actual fact, we're comfortable with them making them. It comes down to mastering the new techniques and drills they're currently learning."

"We go to Preston this weekend and that is always tough," he said. "We keep telling them they have to approach every game the same, whether it's Hull City in the cup or Oldham away.

"If they stick to the basics, and have the confidence and the will to go out and be prepared to make mistakes, then there's no reason why we can't go out and give a good performance."

United - Fowler, Hurley (Brown 56), Elliott, Robson, Marshall, Pearson, Quigley, Moyes, Rudd (Whitehead 60), Blackburn, Bradbury (McCue 85). Subs - Eccles, Graham.

Next up - Preston North End v Carlisle United, Saturday 13 September, kick off 11am

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