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INTERVIEW: You can feel the lift in the dressing room

27 September 2014

Midfielder Gary Dicker ahead of the visit of Tranmere Rovers

Midfielder Gary Dicker spoke to us ahead of the weekend visit of Tranmere Rovers following a week of training with new boss Keith Curle.

"It has been a strange week but I think it's also been good," he said. "I think it was a case of the sooner the better in terms of getting someone in and the gaffer has already started to change things. Training has been good this week, all the lads have enjoyed it, and we now just need to try and get off to the start everybody wants.

"It's not ideal when you're waiting for somebody to be appointed but you're still paid to do the same job whether it's Thir and Caigy telling you what to do or whether you have a manager. You've just got to get on with it and adapt to it as best you can."

"You can feel the lift in the dressing room now there's a new man to impress," he confirmed. "I think I've only experienced it once before at Brighton and, although a lot of the lads were here when Kav came in, they all knew him already so it's slightly different this time. A new man coming in is a bit of a wakeup call for everyone and that's probably what's needed in this situation. 

"Little things have changed around the ground and that's always going to be the way with a new man. They're obviously things he just does differently. The lads have been more than happy with the things he's done. When you see him doing things which are designed to help you it does make you want to try and help him by putting in good performances.

"There are a lot of people that have been at the club a long time and you do get comfortable with that. It's always good to hear a different voice and different ideas and it's up to us to adapt to it and get points on the board. It's a clean slate for everybody. When a new manager comes in with different ideas you've got to show him you can fit in with what he's trying to do." 

"Everybody has been talking about the results but we just need to go and start winning games," he told us. "I think this is probably the lowest I've been during my career. I don't like it and I can tell the gaffer doesn't like it, so I don't think he'll stand for it much longer. It's up to us to sort that out and it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

"We aren't jumping around and high fiving each other in the dressing room at the moment because we know we need to win games. We do realise the position we're in - if there's anybody in the dressing room who doesn't realise then they will find out very quickly. 

"There aren't many places to go after League Two and I personally don't want to be in League Two for the rest of my career. Like a lot of the other lads, I came here to push on and build on something. Once we get that bit of momentum we can start looking forward and we just need to start getting results now." 

"I think if you look at our squad we have got more than enough ability in there to make sure we aren't bottom of League Two," he commented. "Nothing on paper counts in football and the league table doesn't lie. If you're bottom at the end of the season you deserve to go down no matter how unlucky you think you've been. 

"I think it's hard not to look at the league table. I find it difficult to switch off from football. I think about the game and every pass I've made - sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it isn't, but I don't like losing and sitting on a bus after the game. 

"You think about the people who pay money to come down and watch us and it's probably even worse for them because they're working hard all week then coming to watch us. We haven't been producing enough 90 minute performances and I think everybody knows they need to do everything they can to change it." 

"I haven't really been through a run like this before," he said. "Obviously everybody has been through a period where you're struggling to win games. You need to dig deep and get that scrappy win or that bit of luck, but that comes with hard work. 

"The luckiest teams are always the hardest working teams. The top teams might get a bit of luck every week but that's because they're good every week. We've got to start punishing teams like we're getting punished. I think we do need to be stronger if we do go a goal down or if something goes against us."

"Tranmere is a great chance for us to get three points," he told us. "They're in and around the bottom as well, so it's a big game all round. We want to be better for our fans because we need to give them something to cheer about and send them home happy. 

"They're feeling it just as much as we are. We're all hurting in the dressing room so we want three points from this game."

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