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INTERVIEW: Ready to keep doing it

29 September 2013

Kavanagh on the current situation

Caretaker manager Graham Kavanagh spoke to us this weekend about the vacant Brunton Park hotseat.

“The board want to meet me on Monday so I’m hoping that’s to offer me the job,” he told us. “I’m not taking it for granted but I’m hoping that’s maybe what it is for. 

“I don’t think, as a staff and a group, that we could have done any more. If they [the board] want to be reminded that it’s three wins in three then I’ll shout it from the rooftops!”

“I don’t really know how long it will be before we find out what the board are thinking,” he said. “We’ve had these wins and it’s been a massive response from the players, the staff and the fans. The supporters have been different class and they’ve got right behind us. I’d like to thank them for that.”

“I suppose the results mean the pressure is on the directors and the chairman,” he agreed. “I’m sure it’s a good headache they have right now. Whatever is decided I will just prepare for next week’s game and I’ll focus the minds of the players on that. 

“We’ll have a good week of training and the message we’ll send is that the previous three games count for nothing. It’s about what we do going forward.”

As for the plans for this weekend, he said: “I’ll spend some time with the family. I’ll have a game of golf and take my son off to play his game of football on Sunday morning. 

“There is plenty to occupy my mind ... and no doubt I’ll add a few glasses of wine in there as well. I’ll speak to the board on Monday afternoon and hopefully they will ask me to be their manager.”

“It’s been a rollercoaster three weeks but I’ve loved it,” he admitted. “There genuinely aren’t enough hours in the day and I seem to be constantly on the phone. 

“To be honest, you live it and you breathe it and you put everything you have into it. It’s fantastic when you’re winning and not so good when you’re losing.

“Somebody has already told me that it’s a lonely place to be when you lose. I haven’t experienced that yet, but nobody ever warned me about how physically drained you feel after every game. 

“This is the first time I’ve felt really exhausted but I’m ready to keep doing this so that we can continue to try to push this club forward.”

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