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INTERVIEW: Bottle the feeling

22 September 2013

Reaction to the Stevenage win

Caretaker manager Graham Kavanagh gave us his reaction to the away victory at Stevenage shortly after the full time whistle had blown. 

"I'm really pleased," he said. "The response from the office staff, the players and even the directors has been brilliant, and you can see everybody wants us to do well. 

"The players did everything we asked of them last week and we set them another challenge today of playing as well as they did against Sheffield United. They did that and their challenge next week will be to win three in a row, which I know they're very capable of doing. 

"We knew before the game that it would be physical but we also knew they wouldn't have as much of the ball as Sheffield United did," he continued. "Even though we conceded a goal after the break, the lads didn't let their heads go down and once we made the substitution it made it harder for them to get out of their own half. 

"We put David Amoo up front and, even though he hasn't actually played there before in a game, he does it quite often in training. That meant we could put Dave Symington on the right hand side and he gave us everything he had. All of the players were excellent today." 

"I made the change to the formation because the lad who was playing in the hole for them was getting a lot of the ball," he explained. "We could have stayed how we were and hoped that Thir [Paul Thirlwell] could screen the back four, or we could make the change and give them more to think about up top. They were getting stronger and I wasn't sure if we would cope with the waves of attacks, so we decided to change it. Thankfully it paid off."

"Dave Symington played really well when he came on," he continued. "I was a bit worried about him providing the defensive cover we needed but he did exactly what we asked of him. He can be a bit of a joker at times but I think he needs to realise his potential. I'll show him the video next week and I hope he'll realise what he's capable of doing." 

"All of the players and the staff have worked really hard and we couldn't do it without the support we get from everyone else involved in the club," he confirmed. "We've tried to take the pressure off the players and so far it has worked very well. We've got six points from six and the lads are showing a tremendous work ethic. 

"We've worked on pressing the ball as a team and getting organised when the opposition have the ball. We did that well today and we also managed to break when they lost the ball in our box. 

"I think when you see the effort and energy they put in you can tell that they're really buying into what we're trying to do. If they do their jobs on the pitch like they have done in the last two games it's going to make our jobs a lot easier." 

"If you could bottle the feeling that we'll all have as a club tonight you'd be a millionaire," he insisted. "To see the togetherness and the euphoria in the dressing room is absolutely fantastic and it's the feeling you imagine when you're a lad who wants to play professional football. We'll ask for the same level of performance next week and the result should take care of itself." 

"I'm really enjoying the job at the moment, and I know I keep saying this, but all of the staff have been brilliant," he said. "I'll just continue doing the job as well as I can and we'll see where it takes us. 

"I've made no secret about the fact that I want to take the club forward but we'll see what the directors want to do. I'll just keep doing the best I can and, to be honest, I can't commit myself any more than that."

"Lee [Miller] took a knock which was why we brought him off," he said. "It was a problem with his calf that had an impact on his back - but we're not really sure what it is or how serious it is at the moment. 

"It wasn't a negative in the end because Mark Beck came on and did really well. Just before he came on we told him to repeat his performance from the Blackburn game because I thought he was unplayable that night. He got on the pitch and did that for us. 

"He's keeping Lee [Miller] on his toes and I was really pleased for both of them. It's tough up there on your own but they both did the job very well."

"We've got another full week planned with games we want to go and see and with the training sessions to keep things bright and fresh," he told us. "We've been asked to do a job and that's what we will do until we're told one way or another. 

"I'm just extremely proud of the group and of everyone at the club because they have reacted in exactly the right way to what had been a negative for us all. It's times like this when you want everyone to pull together and, when you get that, you can feel it all start to move in the right direction again.

"Like I say, the directors will make their decision and I am part of the process. I would love to carry it on but there won't be any sulking if it doesn't go that way. Whatever happens will be for the good of the football club and that's always the most important thing.

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