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CLUB: Save the half time orange!

1 September 2013

United back Jaffa campaign

Football teams across the UK are bringing back oranges at half time, as part of a countrywide initiative to prevent the fruit from disappearing from the national game.

The campaign is launching in Cambridgeshire before rolling out nationwide during the 2013/14 season. The goal is to get every kids’ football team in the UK eating the fruit by May 2015.

It is being supported by citrus brand Jaffa fruit, which is giving tens of thousands of oranges and fruit vouchers to teams around the country.

“Oranges at half time are one of the greatest traditions of the British game. But over the years they have been vanishing from our touchlines and being replaced by less healthy alternatives such as chocolate, crisps and sweets,” said a spokesperson for Jaffa fruit.

“We are asking every kids’ team in the country to bring back the fruit. We’re determined to save the half-time orange.”

A recent survey on half-time eating habits conducted by Jaffa fruit found almost half (45%) of kids said they eat crisps, chocolate, sweets or biscuits at half time. 43% drink fizzy or high-sugar drinks during the break. While only half of children thought it was important to eat fruit at half time, 97% said they would eat a healthy snack if it was provided for them.

Clubs and individual teams who want to get involved can sign a pledge to eat oranges at half time, at They will receive rewards and vouchers for Jaffa fruit, as well as the latest news and activity updates on the halftime project.

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