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INTERVIEW: No second thoughts at all

2 October 2013

Davie Irons on taking over as assistant manager

Assistant manager Davie Irons spoke to us about what has been a whirlwind couple of months as he prepared for his first full day in his new role.

“Whirlwind is definitely one way to describe it,” he agreed. “I didn’t expect to be sitting in the seat I’m in now after coming into the club as Academy manager, but it’s a good opportunity and one that I’m delighted to take.

“It’s tinged with a bit of sadness in terms of the reason that I’m now doing this, but these things happen in football. However, I’m delighted and honoured to be asked to help Kav in the role of assistant manager.”

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work at this level of football with Carlisle United,” he continued. “It’s something that’s too good to miss. I’d have regretted it for a long time to come if I hadn’t taken it on.

“There were no second thoughts for me at all. I think this way of life is something that’s in your blood. Obviously my wife [Gillian] asked me what I thought I was doing, but she knows I’m looking forward to it.

“The other good thing about it is that I’m going to carry on my role with the Youth Academy so we will combine the two jobs, with help from our other staff, for the time being at least. That’s something I was very keen to do.”

On what he will bring to the role, he said: “Hopefully the experiences I’ve had prior to coming to Carlisle will help me to advise Kav, because I know what it’s like to do that job. Ultimately I want to help him to become a successful manager and I’ll do everything in my power to achieve that. 

“We’re similar characters but we’re also different, if that makes sense. We’re both really enthusiastic and we show our emotions quite openly. None of that is an act, it’s just the way we are. I’m just really honoured that he has asked me to help him.

“I’m 100% confident that the board have made the right decision in appointing him and I think anyone that knows what he’s like as a person, and as a manager, will know that the commitment, knowledge and attention to detail means that his appointment can only be to the benefit of Carlisle United.”

“Being in the dug out is the sharp end of the game,” he explained. “With no disrespect to anyone who hasn’t been in there, it’s just something you can’t replicate anywhere else. As soon as the whistle goes it becomes so intense and it’s a feeling that never leaves you.

“It’s a strange thing because through all of that time I was out of football my whole body still geared up for a 3 o’clock kick off on a Saturday. Whatever it was that I was doing, I could sense my body getting ready. That’s just down to the fact that you’re conditioned to getting yourself up for a game of football on a Saturday afternoon.”

And as for the challenge ahead, he said: “This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Even through my time in management in Scotland I have to say that English football had an appeal and an attraction. 

“From the outside looking in I always thought it would be great to be involved and to get the chance to do it is something I never thought would happen for me. Fortunately it has and I’m determined to make the most of it. 

“Yes, it is the next challenge, that’s the right way to look at it, and I’ve had a strange career in many ways. I made the choice to get out of it and join the police force, but there is absolutely nothing in this world which will replicate what football brings to me in terms of enjoyment, satisfaction, challenge and even the frustrations and struggles that go with it. 

“I always set a target to be involved in football when I was 50. I told myself if I could do that then I’d be reasonably content with what I’d achieved. I know my family are delighted for me. As I say, my wife wasn’t sure at first but she’s been to the last couple of home games and she’s seen what it means. 

“From a personal point of view I am just delighted and honoured to be given the chance. I am absolutely going to give it 100% effort to try and help Kav and the club to achieve the best that it can. Who knows where it can take us if we achieve that.”

We’ll have more on the official website from Davie Irons on Thursday morning where he talks about his relationship with Graham Kavanagh and about the determination to make Carlisle United a successful club.

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