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INTERVIEW: We'll announce as a group

15 May 2013

Manager on the ongoing talks

United manager Greg Abbott confirmed today that he expected all members of his coaching staff to be in a position to sign their one-year contract offers ‘very soon.’

“There are no real issues with it but I do want all of the coaching staff to be able to announce together,” he said. “Hopefully we should be in a position to do that very soon.

“All I do in the meantime is get on with my job. I’ve been told that everything will be sorted and I’m comfortable with that. 

“I think it is important that we do resolve it so that the fans know where we all are, but the basics of it are that we have received our offers and there are just one or two small things to sort out.”

“Like I say, I’m comfortable with all of that,” he added. “My focus has been on looking at how we work and on restructuring things for next season. The other business tends to take care of itself.” 

“This is normal for contract talks,” he explained. “It happens with players and coaches because it has to be right for everybody. We’re a small coaching team and I think we’re all happy to wait for everything to be agreed before we announce as a group.” 

“The lads who have been offered deals have another week or so to go yet,” he added. “They usually let their agents deal with them and we just have to wait for their feedback. 

“Once we know what their decisions are we can move on and decide where we go in terms of new players.

“You always have to be prepared for a player leaving your club as a manager. If that happens you need to know there is something in place to replace them. I’ve offered deals to the players because I want them to stay, but there are no guarantees. 

“All we can do is keep doing our work and make sure we are in a position to react either way.”

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