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INTERVIEW: It's about my career

29 May 2013

Second part of our two-part interview

In the second part of our interview with defender Chris Chantler he talks about playing at left back and the need for an improvement in results when the 2013/14 campaign kicks off.

"I'm really comfortable playing at left back, but I would play anywhere if it meant I was in the team,” he said.  

“I see a lot of people saying that I should be in midfield but I've played left back a lot more than midfield throughout my career. 

"I did play on the left of midfield for one season with City but that isn't something I'm a massive fan of,” he told us. “However, I would play there if I needed to. 

“Like I say, I'm very comfortable at left back and I think that's an easier position to come back into. With centre midfield I think you need to play there regularly to get into the rhythm because your back is to the game rather than it all being in front of you like it is when you’re defending. 

"I think left back is probably my best position but I’m like any other player. As long as I'm in the team I’m not too bothered what position that is. My aim has to be to get back into the starting eleven. Everyone who is involved in football should want to do that and I don't think you'd be in the right profession if you were happy with sitting on the bench every week.”

The focus for the team, of course, is on improvement in results and performances. 

"As a team we just want to have a better season than we did this year,” he confirmed. “There were some patches throughout the season where we didn’t play well but the potential has always been there. 

"We know that the results we had here before Christmas weren't good enough and we worked really hard on that to turn it around. We're all just looking forward to seeing what we can do next season.” 

"There will be some big games for us this time,” he said. “Wolves are a big club who have been in and around the Premiership for as long as I can remember so it's astounding that we'll be playing them. There'll be some tough games and some more very long trips!”

"I'm just concentrating on my rehab now,” he said. "It was nice to know I had my contract sorted out because it meant that I was able to concentrate on getting fit again. I was actually going to sign it on the day I went for surgery so that delayed it a bit, but it was a weight off my mind once it had been done.

“I'll need to go away for a couple of weeks at some point just to stop myself from going crazy but it definitely won't be the two months off like the rest of the lads are getting. 

“It isn't just about next season for me. It’s about my career as a whole. This is an injury that I need to get right because it could easily come back and haunt me. 

“As long as I get my ankle right I can deal with the lack of a holiday.”

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