YOUTH: The performance we wanted

Reaction to the Accrington win

Youth boss Eric Kinder gave us his reaction to the 4-0 away victory over Accrington Stanley on Friday. 

"At the request of Accrington we moved the game to Friday because their first team have got three home games in a row coming up," he explained.

"As it is with everyone at youth level - we all try and help each other out, so we ended up playing in the middle of Blackburn, next to the pitches where I was brought up. It was nice to go back there and the pitch was fantastic.

"We started slowly, which we usually do when we travel away from home, but we gradually got into the game. We got a penalty after 16 minutes when Alex [Salmon] was brought down and he picked himself up and stuck it away confidently." 

"His second goal after 33 minutes was brilliant," he continued. "He came off the right hand side and bent it in with what is meant to be his weaker left foot. That made it 2-0 at half time." 

"Alex scored two more goals after half time and they were a carbon copy of each other," he added. "He came into the box on his left foot and he turned the defender to get it onto his right foot. After that he stuck them away."

"Scoring four goals at any level is an achievement, but Alex being Alex he makes sure everyone knows about it," he said. "If I'm being really critical he probably should have scored a few more, because he had plenty of chances, but he does create a lot of them for himself. He's done well since he had his injury and that's the second game where he's scored four goals."

"Frankie Wallace played his second game and he's done very well in both of them," he told us. "He looks like a really good prospect. He can tackle, he drives forward and I'm really looking forward to working with him next season. 

"Danny Hodgson played again and did well. He probably should have scored in the first half when his shot hit the post, but you could tell his last minute goal last week had given him a lot of confidence. 

"We had Tom Berwick back for the first time since the semi-final against Fleetwood and he got an hour under his belt. He came through with no problems so he should be fine for the run-in."

"It was a good day overall, and we totally dominated the game, but we could and should have won by more," he insisted.

"It was the kind of performance we wanted because, even though we've been winning, we haven't actually won a league game since November. The games are coming thick and fast for us and we just want to finish the season in the best way we can. 

"I'll use the new lads for next season in every game now. I've already arranged four games for next year's intake before the end of the season, so that will give them time to gel as a team before we get back together in the summer." 

United: Parker, Gwinnutt, Chisholm (McEvoy), Morse, Minor,  Berwick (Thompson), Wallace, Lynch,  Dempsey, Hodgson (Clarey), Salmon. Subs: Brass.
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