INTERVIEW: Brought a bit of spark

Manager with more from Saturday

Manager Greg Abbott gave us his thoughts on the players who grabbed the headlines in our game against Yeovil Town on Saturday. 

“Manset looks a real handful and that's with him not fully fit yet," he said. "We’ve got to look after him, but he definitely has something to offer. 

"He’s back in football and that’s where he wants to be. You can see that it meant a lot to him to be involved and it’s fantastic to see. 

"He brought a bit of spark and a bit of joy and I think that was just what we needed. His contribution was terrific and our first impressions of him are all good." 

“I think it was vital for Lee [Miller] to get his goals," he continued. "He admits himself that he hasn’t been in his best form so a couple of goals will do that no harm. He’s a really good player and we need him to be firing on all cylinders. He was upset with the sending off a few weeks ago and there was a determination there to put things right." 

“We put Mark Beck beside him because he is in a vein of form where he thinks he’s going to score every time he gets the ball," he told us. "He’s had a tough week with Scotland, and that’s why we brought him off with 25 minutes to go. I think he's earned the right to start with the way he has done things.

"That left us with two in midfield and, to be fair, they did their job for us. We wanted the extra striker and it means you have to scrap and impose yourself even more in the middle of the park." 

“Adam [Collin] played well for us and we have to say that we left him exposed at times," he explained. "We had a spell where we dropped deep defensively and we let people get the wrong side of us. We had players who find life tough out there, but that happens. They’ve come through it and got a point, and that’s a real positive for us. 

“We felt we deserved something for our overall performance but we thought the game was gone once it got close to 90 minutes and we were 3-1 down. Massive credit to everybody for keeping it going." 

“Paddy Madden was an absolute credit today," he admitted. 

"His time here was frustrating but he has moved on and good luck to the kid. He showed a huge amount of respect with the way he conducted himself and we wish him all the best. 

"He’s a player playing with confidence and if he goes on to make the career he wants to make for himself then you have to be big enough and bold enough to hold your hands up and say you maybe got that one wrong. 

"It happens, it’s football, and some players do better at other clubs for a number of reasons. All I can say is that it didn’t happen for him here and give a genuine good luck wish to the lad.”

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