LONDON BRANCH: Summer trip

The London Branch in Gdansk

The annual summer trip has become something of a tradition for the London Branch of our Supporters' Club with a an ever-growing group taking to the skies to visit various European hot-spots for a weekend of socialising and sight-seeing.

Thanks to Dave Brown for letting us know what the gang got up to this year:

For a Carlisle United supporters group that is for exiles, it is fitting that every summer we head off abroad for a weekend en masse to sample the sights, the food and the beers (not necessarily in that order). 

Twenty eight members, family and friends, including a sizeable contingent from West Cumbria and  two delightful German ladies from Hamburg, descended on Gdansk in Poland this June. 

Some of us were expecting a huge dockyard remembering Lech Walensa and Solidarity that changed the face of communism; the more informed of our party knew that Gdansk was a place full of history. None of us had expected such a beautiful medieval town (re-built meticulously after being destroyed by Russian troops at the end of the second world war) with friendly people and excellent restaurants and bars. 

As usual Saturday morning was a guided walking tour of the town and our excellent guide Anna kept us entertained as she showed us the medieval crane, where men walked in giant hamster wheels to lift up to 6 tons of cargo, the torture prison and the beautiful street where amber jewellery is sold. During the walk we were leapt on by a guy from Leeds  – his wife is from Carlisle  and her family are all season ticket holders at Brunton Park.  

We also visited Sopot, another of the towns of the Tri-City of Gdansk, Sopot and Gydnia on the south side of the Baltic opposite Sweden. It could have been in the South of France – white beaches, posh hotels and restaurants, a lively nightlife and a very smart pier ending in a restaurant, bar and marina where we basked under blue skies in sunshine with only the grey sea of the Baltic reminding us how far North we were.

It is difficult being without football, even for a few months, but this summer trip helped to occupy the time before we head to Bradford for our first branch away trip.

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