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CHARITY: Big Football Tag

20 January 2013

We need a United team!!

A message from a young man called Jonjo - please, on behalf of the club, get in touch and help out (if you can) with what is becoming a national event.

It would be fantastic to have Carlisle United represented in numbers to make the completion of our leg of the journey as smooth and simple as possible.

I will leave the details of the matter to Jonjo ...

I am organising The Big Football Tag, a continuous tag team event that will help me collect every single professional clubs signed captain's armband. and I need you and other supporters from your club to help me.

1. Please form a tag team to represent your club or ask your friends, family, fellow supporters to join it, people you sit next to at football if you go.  You can choose to collect/fund raise if you want, but it is not necessary.

2. I will send you your club's signed captain's armband.  Get your tag team to dress up in your club colours.

3. There are ten tag team routes.  The first club in the route will attach their armband to a sash containing a GPS tracking device and take it to the next club in the tag route.  All of the routes eventually connect in London.

4. You will be given a  start time (when you will be tagged and your armband must be attached to the sash) and a drop off time (when you must hand over the sash to the next team so that they can attach their armband).  It is a 24-hour event so the collection and drop off times could be day or night.

5. This will continue to happen until the final clubs at the end of each of the 10 routes connect with me at West Ham Utd on 17 February 2013, my Nanny's anniversary.  

6. On 18 February I will take a a special sash, containing all of the 92 armbands that the tag teams have helped me collect, by foot to Wembley to collect the England captain's armband for Bobby. I will then walk back to Upton Park.  My part of the walk is 66 miles (World Cup winning year) in 6 days (Bobby's shirt number).  All of the armbands will be auctioned for The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK.

I cannot do this without the help of supporters from every one of the 92 clubs.  I want it to be a fun event which spreads lots of awareness and helps me raise £100,000 for The Bobby Moore Fund.

Please help me and form a tag team.  The whole event will be tracked by GPS on my website and it will be amazing.  There is also a lot of press interest so be prepared to be on telly.  I really hope you can help me. 

So, you've read what Jonjo has to say. Hats off, this is a cracking idea and will, yet again, show the positive side of the game. If you are interested in forming part of the Carlisle United tag team then send an email to and we will do the rest.

Come on - hop on board and help this fantastic event to become a fantastic success.

Click HERE to go to the Big Football Tag website for even more information.

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