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8 February 2013

Update on Cumbrians Elite

As we wave goodbye to 2012 and look forward to a prosperous, exciting and safe 2013, we hope the new Cumbrians Elite game will add a little extra spice to your lives in this new year.

For only £5 per membership for the whole of 2013 (for a team of up to 10 people), you will have the chance to enter and play many competitions, quizzes and games. Your team members do not have to be fans of CUFC – we want to include everyone and perhaps attract a few new supporters as we go along!

You can join as a family or as a group of friends and become part of a huge community working for each other with Carlisle United at the heart of all we do.

Each team member will receive a membership card and you will be able to use this to take advantage of deals and offers around the city from hairdressers and chip shops to your local pubs and favourite restaurants.

We will be working hard to find deals to suit all our members and if there is anything you would like us to do for you, please let us know. 

How to join:
There are two ways in which you can join Cumbrians Elite. The packs will be on sale in the club shop by the end of the week. These contain instructions on how to log in. Fill in as much detail as you can about your team and follow the instructions through the registration process. Once registered, you will soon be able to update your team homepage and start playing.

If you prefer, you can email us at and we will arrange for your packs to be sent out to you.

If you have any problems, queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Getting started:
Each team will have their own home page on the website ( and you can add and amend this throughout the year should you wish to change any of your team member details. The games and tasks on the site will appeal to all members regardless of age and extra prizes will be awarded for the efforts of the younger Cumbrians Elite members. 

The January challenge:
When you log in and click on the 'Task' tab, you will be able to see the challenge set for January. This first challenge will test your teams artistic, creative and imaginative skills. CUFC have donated a fantastic first prize to get us started – this can be found by accessing the 'TASK' tab.  

Each month, there will be a new challenge for the teams to have a go at. There is no obligation to enter every competition but your team will score points the more they participate. Details of how to score points will be shown on the website. A league table will be displayed at the end of each month highlighting the most successful Cumbrians Elite teams with their points total. The more you join in and contribute, the better you will do in the league!

Helping the community:
Cumbrians Elite is not just about competitions and games. We want to promote and support all the good work that goes on in the schools, colleges and community groups  in and around Carlisle and Cumbria. If you have anything you want to tell us about please get in touch at and we will do what we can to help.

Peter Scholes, Grant Templeton, Chris Donoghue

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