INTERVIEW: We need to put it right

The manager on the Coventry game

Manager Greg Abbott spoke to the press ahead of the weekend visit of Coventry at his Thursday afternoon press conference.

"We've had a good week of training and a couple of harsh words have been said," he said. "But we've put Bradford into the back of our minds now. We know we weren't good enough but we need to concentrate on putting it right. Every game is important but after the start we've had in the league we need to put in a good performance."

"The mood around the dressing room has been a bit strange this week," he continued. "They've been a bit quiet and reserved but you could tell today that they're all looking forward to the game on Saturday. 

"We need people to be brave and confident and you can see the determination to do well is definitely there. The fans deserve to see a performance and we need to send them home happier than we have done in the last two league games."

"We've said on a number of occasions that we need to stop being as nice with each other," he said. "I think you can see with the determination and focus in the players that they've taken some of that on board. 

"Football isn't like it was when I played - where you get players screaming at each other in the dressing room - but there is a lot of steel in there because they all want to make sure we give Coventry a tough game on Saturday."

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