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INTERVIEW: I can give even more

14 April 2013

Sean O'Hanlon on staying in Cumbria

We caught up with defender Sean O’Hanlon moments after he put pen-to-paper on a deal which keeps him at Brunton Park for the next two seasons.

“I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve got this done,” he said. “We still have a few more games left to play but I’m already thinking about what is a new start for us and me next season.”

“Having two years is important for a number of reasons,” he added. “I have kids and a family to think about so it’s nice to have that bit of security. 

“If you’re happy off the field it means you can concentrate more on the work you have to do on the pitch, and that’s good for everyone.”

“I’ve really enjoyed my football these last few months,” he told us. “Obviously I had that taste of not having anything before I got here and I missed being involved. I have to say thank you to the manager for giving me the opportunity to get that again, because it has been fantastic.

“I think it’s only when you’re out of the game that you appreciate how much it actually means. Players who have retired always tell you to enjoy it as much as you can because you can never bring it back. 

“There was a spell where I thought it was the end for me and it was the longest few months of my life. All I could do was train and try and get my name out there whenever I could. I still think I’ve got a good few years left in me and that’s probably why I’ve enjoyed it here as much as I have.”

“The move here has worked both ways and that’s all you want when you join any club,” he continued. “I’ve played well enough to be offered a contract and that means, looking the other way, that people must be happy with what you’ve done. 

“The gaffer knows what I’m about now and he has asked for more of the same as we go on from here. I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t fully fit when I first got here but I’m getting there with all of that. I’ll make sure that I’m more than ready for pre-season because I think I can give even more.”

“Our fans have been brilliant with me from the moment I got here,” he said. “That makes it easier to settle and hopefully it will continue that way. 

“The results have lifted everybody as well and the last few performances have shown exactly what we can do. We’re on a really good run and it’s just a shame that we only have three games left to go.”

“I’ve moved down to the Carlisle area already and that’s something I always like to do,” he told us. “I prefer to be close to the stadium and the training ground and it’s good to have the kids settled into a routine as well. It’s a lovely place to live so I think we’re all really happy about being here.”

And on the defensive partnership forged over the last few months, he said: “I was talking to my dad about working with Danny [Livesey] the other night because I really enjoy playing beside him. 

“I’ve had a few central defensive partnerships over the years and he is right up there with the best of them. We look after each other on the pitch and that helps us both with what we have to do.”

“I’m looking forward to a break in a few weeks time but there’s also the fact that I’ve only played half a season,” he admitted. “I’d be just as happy if there were more games to go. We’ll have our holiday but I’ll keep things ticking over and make sure I’m raring to go again in July. 

“In the mean time our aim has to be to finish this season off properly and to put our marker down for next season.”

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