NEWS: Have your cake and eat it

Now that was sweet

When chairman Andrew Jenkins started to think about how he could do something different for his wife Diane's birthday this year he received a little bit of assistance from manager Greg Abbott who just happened to know someone who can do some fairly spectacular things when it comes to baking cakes for special events.

Sarah Flaxman is a good friend of the Abbott family who spends her working life as a nurse at St James' Hospital in Leeds.

But in her spare time she used to help her mum Catherine to make cakes until she passed away recently following a serious illness.

Sarah continued to make the cakes to keep her mum's memory alive and she very kindly donates half of the revenue from all sales completed to charity. 

Diane and Andrew were so impressed with Sarah's efforts and her support of important charities when she delivered the Carlisle United birthday cake to the Ricoh Arena a few weeks ago that they decided to publicise the good work she is doing.

Anyone wishing to help Sarah with her work by ordering cakes for special occasions should ring Sally in our commercial department on 01228 554 155 or 554 152.
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